New 5 Star Yelp Review

April 20, 2014

People-Love-Us-on-Yelp HBOT

New 5 Star Review:


After much research about hyperbaric oxygen, I found two places, one in San Francisco and one in Marin. Both places had great marks, so I made a visit and quickly settled on Advanced hyperbaric Recovery. The office is clean, spiritual, environmentally Green, friendly, and welcoming. I felt safe in trusting my care with all staff members while was in the chamber.

I signed up for 40 treatments and each treatment brought on many shifts in my body and mind. Everyday, I noticed a change. My chronic pain decreased, skin rash improved, skin hair started to grow, and my overall attitude about my health issues has greatly improved. During each step of my treatments, I was given guided instructions that made each experience special to me. Not only did I feel the improvement in me, I could see it in my physical body.

I recommend Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery to anyone with multiple health issues like I have. It has the been oxygen system in the bay area. For me, it is the frontier to a higher level of healing with having to take so many prescription medication. I love the place!

Trudi S.
San Rafael, CA

People-Love-Us-on-Yelp HBOT


I recently completed 40 sessions at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin. Due to my poor circulation, I had exhausted all of my options and had given up hope that my diabetic foot ulcer would ever heal. After experiencing 11 months of pain and limited mobility, I am so thrilled with the results I achieved. My wound has finally healed and I am looking forward to resuming my normal activities.

I would be remiss if I didn’t salute the amazing Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery staff. I have never encountered such a caring, compassionate, and accommodating group of people. They were as thrilled as I was with my results.

Leslie D.
San Rafael, CA

Zach Thill

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