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June 19, 2018
Strokes are an Emergency Concern.

Think F A S T

One moment life is organized and naturally wonderful, The next, sudden moment, a person can’t smile or see or speak or think clearly.
Please watch this short 5 minute video to see a demonstration of a stroke and emergency care. (1)

Description of the condition

Stroke may be defined as a sudden neurological deficit of presumed vascular origin (2). Often, a stroke is described using the analogy of a heart attack. Similar to the heart becoming blocked and injured due to less or no oxygen during a heart attack, something has dislodged itself and is blocking a vessel preventing oxygen from getting to the brain. Understanding signs and symptoms are important to determine the emergency nature and getting a patient to the Emergency Room as soon as possible.
Time and the brain during a stroke are essential for intensive stroke management.

Ischaemic heart disease and stroke are the world’s biggest killers, accounting for a combined 15 million deaths in 2015. These diseases have remained the leading causes of death globally in the last 15 years.(3), and a leading cause of disability. About one-third of survivors require significant assistance in daily life at one year after the event (4).

Every 40 seconds in the United States, someone has a stroke. One of the common myths about stroke is that it only affects older people. While it’s true that stroke risk increases with age, anyone can have a stroke at any time. (5)

Strokes fall into three subgroups: ischemic (impairment of blood flow), which account for 87% of all stroke cases and hemorrhagic (when a weakened blood vessel ruptures causing bleeding within the brain) accounting for 23%, and TIA’s or transient ischemic attacks which are mini “warning” strokes and must be taken very seriously. The former has  lower case fatality rates than hemorrhagic strokes. (6)
Early assessment will lead to the greatest outcome post stroke. Neuroimaging (preferably using computerised tomography (CT) scan) is required for optimal management.(7)


At Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery, we have an

Advanced Brain Care Program

Improved Brain Blood Flow Pattern with HBOT

by Harch P, Fogarty E, Staab P, Van Meter K
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

  • Reduces cerebral edema (8)
  • Reduces neuroinflammation (9)
  • Increases oxygen saturation to the brain (10)
  • Promotes new blood vesel growth (Angiogenesis) (11)
  • Can create a 8-fold increase in your own stem cell production (12)
  • Reactivates idling neurons within the most oxygen-deficient areas of the brain (13)

Treating with Hyperbaric Oxygenation for brain injuries such as strokes is considered an “off label” indication, meaning, most insurances will not reimburse for brain injuries, there are many studies validating using HBOT post stroke, showing that increasing the level of dissolved oxygen by Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) activated neuroplasticity in patients with chronic neurologic deficiencies due to stroke even 36 months later.  (13),(14).

ICU Nurse suffering from post stroke effects regains
quality of life with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy!

Because, during a cerebral ischemic event, neurological tissue suffers hypoxia, breathing 100% oxygen in a Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber at 2 atm,(approx. 14.5 PSI or 33 Feet of Sea Water) can double oxygen to the body. The deeper a patient is prescribed to “dive” will increase their PaO2 (which is the lung alveolar oxygen), even more. This treatment done as soon as possible, may prevent irreversible changes which result in unavoidable cell death in the brain, neurologic improvements and a better quality of life following treatment compared to patients studied in a control group not receiving HBOT. (15)
If YOU or anyone in your family, your medical practice,
OR anyone in your life might be a candidate for relief with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Please consider this remarkable medicine today.
Call us today for more information or to schedule a consultation with our Medical Hyperbaric Physician!
who only consults with the patient for indications, contra-indications and the feasibility of doing Medical Grade Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Jacqueline S. Chan, DO
Physician, Medical Director of our Brain Care Program

Dr Jacqueline S. Chan, DO is Board Certified in Family Practice, Board Certified in Holistic Medicine, Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, including Osteopathic Medical Board of California.

Call for an appointment with Dr. Chan
Our mailing address is:
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AHR Staff


November 2015 Newsletter “Help for Diabetics!”

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Time For A Change!

Are you tired of seeing the Diabetic in your life suffer? In honor of National Diabetes month we would like to help you, help them.

Preventative medicine for diabetic patients is becoming more advanced everyday and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is at the forefront! 

What can HBOT do for you or your diabetic friends and family?:

  • It can significantly speed the healing of diabetic wounds and ulcers

  • HBOT has shown to reduce the need for insulin injections of many patients

  • HBOT empowers patients to avoid costly surgeries and amputations and save life and limb

“Diabetes is a great example whereby, giving the patient the tools, you can manage yourself very well.”

Clayton Christensen


What effect does HBOT have on a diabetic wound?

Robert is a school teacher who was able to return to work after 2 years of suffering with a non-healing wound. Now he is able to keep up with his 2nd grade class, garden and swim again without any difficulty.

Within two weeks of starting the treatments, the technicians at the wound care clinic noticed a significant improvement in the condition of the wound. They stated that they had never seen a wound change so quickly and were delighted. The end result of the sessions in the chamber can be seen in this photo. 

The proof is in the science!: 

Eighteen diabetic patients with ischaemic, nonhealing lower-extremity ulcers were recruited in this double-blind study. Patients were assigned randomly to receive either 100 per cent oxygen (treatment group) or air (control group), at 2.4 atmospheres of absolute pressure for 90 min daily, for a total of 30 treatments. Wound surface areas were measured at baseline and then at 2, 4, 6 and 12 weeks, and 6 months.At 12 weeks, healing with complete epithelialization was achieved in 13 of 19 ulcers in the treatment group compared with four of 14 ulcers in the control group (P=0.024, [chi]2 test). The mean(s.d.) decrease of the wound area in the treatment group was 83(36) per cent and that in the control group was 56(39) per cent (P=0.021, Mann-Whitney U test). Hyperbaric oxygen therapy enhanced the healing potential of ischaemic, non-healing, diabetic leg ulcers and may be used as a valuable adjunct to conventional therapy when reconstructive surgery is not possible. Abidia, A.; Kuhan, G.; Laden, G.; Bahia, H.; Johnson, B.; Wilkinson, A.; Renwick, P.; Masson, E.*; McCollum, P. T. Department of Vascular Surgery, Academic Surgical Unit and *Department of Medicine, Hull Royal Infirmary and The University of Hull, Hull, UK

Featured Video:

Maryann was confined to a wheelchair with a non-healing diabetic ulcer. She was facing amputation before she did HBOT. “My wound has healed magnificently . . . I’m out of my wheelchair, walking and driving again without anyone’s help!”
Maryann, Tiburon

“The role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in diabetes preventative care is in re-oxygenating hypoxic tissue, regulating blood sugar level and promoting growth of blood vessels and nerve endings.”

In the textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine we see that there is “noted improvement of cardiovascular complications in diabetic patients on using HBO therapy and later reported HBO as an adjunct to diet and insulin in the treatment of moderately severe diabetes in 130 patients. The dosage of insulin was reduced by 4-38 units in 62.3% of the patients after treatment.”

HBOT in the news:

Treat Chronic Wounds by seeking appropriate care

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-Dr “Patch” Adams

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