Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin Inc

Our HBOT Facility

At Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin, we use the latest technology and employ hospital standards of care.

From the moment you walk in, you feel your stress and worries begin to disappear. Your own cubby hole and fresh bedding await you as you choose how to spend your treatment time: whether curled up listening to an audio book, stretched out listening to a positive meditation CD or nestled in with a lighthearted film. We are confident that your treatment experience will be relaxing and rejuvenating. What's more, we have been certified GREEN by the Bay Area Green Business Program to become the first green hyperbaric facility in the nation! Healing with us is safer, healthier and more responsible than ever before! Some ways in which we achieve this are:
  • We use less electricity, water and waste, daily than a typical medical office.
  • Our chambers run solely off gas pressure and require no electricity to run.
  • We never use any harsh chemicals or cleaners - everything is all natural and safe.

You Deserve Effective Treatment. . .

Our chambers are energized with 100% pure oxygen which is directed through multiple manifolds and check valve pressure systems for patient comfort and safety. (Other systems use compressed room air supplied from an air compressor which results in only 16-21% oxygen delivery.)

You Deserve Comfort. . .

Our patented chambers are exclusively designed with the patient in mind. Thanks to its modern design, there is an unexpected amount of room in each chamber for you. This is ideal for patients who have had extremity, facial, torso, or back surgery. The chamber has proven comfortable time and again! What about patients who are claustrophobic? We have good news for you. HBOT IS possible!
  • We are masters at helping those who are borderline to severely claustrophobic.
  • 5 large windows give you an almost 360 degree view of the center.
  • No Masks or hoods allow for freedom of movement and full body oxygenation.
  • A Certified Hyperbaric Technician (CHT) is within sight at all times and is in contact with you by way of visual and audio systems at all times.
  • For added convenience, you can watch a movie on the provided flat screen TV, or listen to your favorite music and focus on healing. Trust us, you won't even know where the time went.

You Deserve Safety. . .

  • Our monoplace (single patient) hyperbaric chambers are "Hard" chambers; just like equipment used in hospitals, and they are patented PVHO (Pressure Vessel for Human Occupancy), approved by ASME(American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and the FDA as a medical device which is made from medical grade stainless steel and oxygen cleaned parts.
  • Our Certified Hyperbaric Technologists (CHT's) are educated in Hyperbaric Medicine, have completed a long Internship, and have experience in the Hyperbaric field. They are certified nationally to be able to work in any hospital hyperbaric program and are also licensed through the chamber manufacturer in the state of California.

You Deserve Peace of Mind. . .

  • Patient privacy is paramount. Each and every employee at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery signs a detailed disclosure and confidentiality statement agreeing not to disclose any patient information to anyone, for any reason, unless directed by the patient. We follow the standards set out by HIPPA.
  • Our staff members are empathetic to patient's health crises, challenges, limitations, and needs because we started out as patients ourselves and believe in hyperbarics and the healing process it facilitates.
  • SAVE MONEY! Our fees, on an average, are 60-75% lower than a hospital hyperbaric treatment. The savings is passed on to the patients so they can afford more hyperbaric therapy. Ask about our NEW Sliding Scale program!