About Us

The Staff at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery are empathetic, having been patients themselves. They are highly trained by the best in the industry - also staying up to date by attending the most current symposiums and workshops on Hyperbaric medicine. By aligning themselves with the top Physicians and minds in Hyperbaric medicine, Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery is positioning themselves as a premier facility for Advanced Oxygen Therapy, an ambition that has been made manifest through various awards and recognitions received over the past several years.


Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery Team

Brochure photo of Jacqueline

Jacqueline S Chan, DO
Physician, Medical Director


Janine Thill, CHT, EMT
Program Director


Julia Schmidt RN, BSN, CCRN
Advisory & Consulting Nurse Practitioner


Zachary Thill, CHT, EMT
Certified Hyperbaric Technician & Technical Director

Jeanne Cahn

Jeanne Cahn, CHT, EMT
Certified Hyperbaric Technician & Safety Director


Diane Greenberg, RRT, CHT
Respiratory Therapist & Certified Hyperbaric Technician


Denora Alviso, HT
Administrator & Billing Specialist


Claudia Gonzalez, MA, EMT
Medical Administration