Orthopedics HBOT

HBOT & Orthopedics

Conditions Benefitted

  • Bone Grafts
  • Fracture repair, delayed non-union
  • Inflammatory arthritis
  • Osteoperosis
  • Post surgical instability
  • Sacroiliac Syndrome
  • Aid to prosthesis rehabilitative care

How will YOUR patient benefit?

HBOT provides adequate oxygen for fibroblasts—cells that make connective tissue- and so promote healing in hypoxic tissue. Cells that remove dead bone (osteoclasts) need oxygen to function, and intermittent oxygen tensions of 30-40 mmHg are needed to grow new blood vessels. "The generation of oxygen-derived free radicals in cultured bone is associated with the formation of new osteoclasts and enhanced bone resorption, identical to the effects seen when bones are treated with hormones, such as parathyroid hormone (PTH) and interleukin (IL-1). When free oxygen radicals are generated adjacent to bone surfaces in vivo, osteoclasts are formed." (Hyperbaric medicine practice, pg 51) Many patients, when following closely the prescribed protocol for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy notice the following cumulative benefits from the oxygen: "Figure 30.2" HBO textbook pg 385 "The effect of HBO on the healing of standardized metaphyseal defects in the cortices of rat femurs was studied by Barth et al. Once-a-day treatment appeared to accelerate bone repair and vessel ingrowth." "In a prospective randomized study by Lindström et al., 20 consecutive patients, with closed and simple tibial shaft fractures treated with reamed intramedullary nailing, were assigned randomly to HBO or control groups. HBO therapy was given postoperatively at 2.5 ATA for 90 minutes daily for a total of five treatments. The first HBO therapy was given 1 hour after the operation. There was a significant improvement in the tibialis posterior arterial peak signal (TPA) in the nailed legs in the HBO group after the first postoperative day, and these values remained at a significantly higher level until the end of the study when compared to the nailed legs in the control group. Further, there was a significant improvement in the PtcO2 values in the nailed legs of the HBO group after the third HBO treatment. The improvement in the TPA and ptCO2 values may result from the vasoconstrictive and edema reductive effect of HBO."
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