Breast Cancer Survivor Heals Better Than Anticipated - Fools Radiologist

Following my Radiation for a Lumpectomy from Breast Cancer, I suffered a very heavy radiation burn with much swelling. My whole breast and 1/2 of my chest was very, very hot, dark red, burgundy and almost purple. I suffered a constant, unrelenting burning sensation, could not wear clothes and could not fall asleep due to pain. I also experienced extreme fatigue. I would start a project and would have to lie down.

The scar was raised and painful. It was forming an interior and exterior scar the size of a man's thumb. Most of the rest my chest was numb and void of sensitivity. Four weeks before starting HBOT, my symptoms worsened. Finally I started treatment at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery. I could feel things changing: Things were finally cooling down and the sensations of nerve endings joining together began. The purple, burgundy, and red turned to pink, then back to a normal flesh tone.

I started getting feeling back in a good way, and the constant burning was gone. The huge thick scar itself flattened out and became non-existent. Last week my Mammogram Radiology Tech asked me, "You did have surgery, right?!" Because she could NOT find the scar! She was amazed at my healing! I have my energy back and I am so thankful - it was worth it! The staff at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery on scale from 1-10 is a 10+++! They are caring, informative, and empathetic and really helped me through the process. I wouldn't go anywhere else for true medical grade Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.