Construction Worker Avoids Amputation and Gets Back to Work

by Charles
An on the job crush injury to my toe was made worse when a tourniquet was accidentally left on too long. By the time the mistake was corrected, my toe was almost completely black and dying. Everyone was worried that my toe wouldn't heal and that I would lose it. The more treatments I had, the more optimistic I became, because my toe was actually looking better and better. It went from completely black and dead-looking, to red, then pink, and then back to having normal skin from top to bottom. My Doctor was really impressed at the healing that was going on due to the oxygen treatment, not to mention, I could start to feel my toe little by little even though I was told by my Doctor that I would not have feeling in my toe for at least 2 years! I started working out again. I really trusted the crew at Hyperbaric Recovery, because they knew what they were talking about and they were very positive and encouraging. If people ask me if I would recommend Hyperbaric treatments, I would say, 'Oh Yeah!' They made me feel like a Rock star at Hyperbaric Recovery!