Doug Overcomes Many Obstacles Of Lyme Disease

by Doug T.

HBOT Therapy has been an incredible boon for me in terms of major improvement in my Quality of Life.

My mental clarity has improved very significantly. I'm very impressed with the results of my HBOT treatments.

While HBOT can be seen as an expensive treatment, if you compare it to the financial and human costs of remaining ill, it's actually an incredible bargain.

The staff at the Hyperbaric Recovery and Rejuvenation Center (now known as Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery Inc) are, to a person, very impressive, both in terms of their extremely high level of professionalism, and their consistently warm-hearted, healing approach.

It's obvious to anyone who seeks out HBOT treatment at HRRC that their foremost motivation is to facilitate true healing for those in need of their extremely effective, top-notch therapeutic services.

Their compassionate facilitation of treatment options for those in financial difficulty as a consequence of the debilitating effects of severe or chronic illness on their ability to afford treatments, as evinced by HHRC's significant track-record of awarding over $74,000 in donated free-treatments within a two year period, sets them apart from most treatment centers of this type.

It's rare indeed to find a facility of this type that's in their field primarily to be an effective source of healing and a beacon of hope to those in need, as opposed to merely being an income stream for their owners.

I enthusiastically recommend HBOT treatment at HHRC to patients with Lyme or a whole host of other conditions for which, while not necessarily approved for medicare or insurance coverage, have nevertheless proven extremely beneficial to many, many people.

I feel very fortunate indeed, to have come in contact with such significant healing resource to the people of the Greater Bay area.