Grandmother Avoids Amputation and Regains Independance

by Maryann

My name is Maryann, I am a diabetic and got an infection in one of my toes. The Doctor said it would have to be removed, but by the time they go to it, the second toe got infected, and they both had to be removed due to poor circulation. The wound would not heal. I spent 8 months back and forth from the hospital and rehab. The wound continued to stay open, not healing, and the Doctor finally told me that all of the toes would have to come off, so that the whole top of my foot could be sewn up. I wasn't taking any chances this time, and I had heard about Hyperbarics from a friend, not to mention my own brother had done treatments and it helped to save his leg from amputation! My treatments have been a God send! My wound has healed magnificently and prevented further amputation of my foot. I'm out of my wheelchair and walking and driving again without anyone's help! I can now do everything I used to do, even simple things like cleaning my apartment; things I couldn't do myself while wheelchair-bound. I'm very thankful for my Hyperbaric Treatments! The ones that run the Hyperbaric Center are kind, thoughtful, and know their business! I really recommend the Hyperbaric Treatments to anyone who could get their life back! (Just like I did!)