Locally Adored Teen Musician Back on Her Feet and Performing For Crowds Following a Life/Limb Threatening Infection

On Febuary 14th at 2:00am, Tana experienced excessive swelling of her left foot. She proceeded to go into convulsions shortly after infusion of general antibiotic before finally being stabilized with appropriate antibiotics and testing.

It was soon established that she was suffering from an infection in her foot (Cellulitis DT tinea pedis) which had reached a severe stage. She had to begin a rigorous antibiotic program to reduce the swelling and clear out the infection, which in some cases can lead to amputation and even death.

The patient also insisted on getting a prescription for HBOT. Although her Doctor was skeptical, Tana immediately had Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery provide her with research and clinical studies that showed the improvement rate of patients with infection and swelling. Her Physician was convinced and Tana began treatments immediately.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was absolutely necessary for helping clear out infection rapidly and effectively. Swelling and edema were reduced by vasoconstriction, preventing the infection from becoming septic throughout the body. Before and after photos show the swelling and infection completely resolved.