Lyme Disease Patient, Susan Feels Less Toxic and Avoids Surgery

by Susan

"I cannot tell you the miracle I felt ---- after being in the hyperbaric chamber for the past 40 days ----- I knew God put me not only in the chamber----but in your hands for me to heal.

After being in the chamber for one week I noticed a steady gain of energy that filled me with hope. As my body started to clear of toxins my coloring improved and my gums grew back so I did not have to go do the gum grafting that was scheduled to happen.

A miracle indeed. Thank you! Thank you!

I must complement you and your entire staff for not only your medical expertise, but the love and caring you so beautifully provided. The Hyperbaric center is truly a gift from God and I know all who come for healing will be truly blessed.

Thank you for being there when nothing else worked."