Nurse Regains Life Following Lyme Disease

by Gayle L. RN

I found out a few months ago I have chronic lyme disease along with a few of it's friends: Babesia and Bartonella. Most likely I got bit as a child and it has been quietly brewing for 20+ years... until a couple of years ago when it exploded through my body. Making it through the day became difficult, and even the easiest tasks seemed insurmountable. My body ached, creaked, and my head felt like mush. My hands and feet were constantly cold, purple and swollen.. and rashes broke out anytime/anywhere on my body. I felt like I was falling apart, and even though I am an RN myself - could not explain what was wrong with me. Thank goodness - with Janine's intuition and expertise- she encouraged me to get tested.

From the moment I met Janine, I knew that she was born to be a healer. She knew how I was feeling the moment I walked in the door, and knew the right thing to say to comfort me. When I came in for my first treatment and met the rest of the team- I knew I was going to be okay and well taken care of no matter who was in the driver's seat!

Making sure they had the right episode of "Friends" on for me was important to them! You'll never find that at the hospital!

My mother drove me everyday for 7 weeks to treatment, and my husband the last week of my 40 treatments. The Center treated my family like theirs, and were always open and willing to explain, reassure and answer any of my and my families questions.

My first treatment felt a little strange - but not uncomfortable at all... It's a weird light-headed floaty feeling. For the first few weeks after treatment, I would get home after and feel very tired. This was a good sign - my body was using that oxygen and fighting... and using all it's energy on killing the bacteria and removing the toxins as well as building a better vascular system in my body.

I quickly came to look forward to my treatment, to seeing my friends there, catching up on old tv show and movies, and having my little getaway from the stresses of the world in the Oxygen "Bungalow".

The Oxygen Effect: Most days I feel like the number of hours I feel "myself" are longer, and my mind is working better, and I'm happier and less emotional. I don't get out of breath like I did at first, and I'm able to do a little exercise. I'm getting good rest at night and actually look forward to getting up in the morning to start my day! That is HUGE!

At about treatment 30, I feel like my body woke up. Before, my body felt like an old abandoned house: all dusty, creaky, dark, damp and cold. Now I feel like someone moved in, turned on the heat, cleaned it up, uncovered the furniture and painted it with warm colors. That's the best way to describe it. I thought for a few days that I had a temperature because I just felt "warm" inside. I realized I hadn't felt what it felt like for my immune system and body to be working- I am feeling what "normal" feels like.

Thank you soo much for bringing me back to life! I continue down my road to recovery with friends by my side, oxygen flowing through my body, and a big warm heart full of love!


Gayle L. RN