Post-Radiation Osteoradionecrosis Jaw and Tooth Healing with HBOT

In April 2018 I was sent to Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery (AHR) due to post-radiation (2012 throat cancer) dental issues specifically 3 teeth needing to be extracted but with great concerns of osteoradionecrosis non-healing. The Marx Protocol (30 hyperbaric sessions pre-extractions/10 sessions post-extractions) was recommended by both my UCSF dental doctor and my Kaiser maxillofacial doctor. During the day after my 24th hyperbaric session the primary painful molar fell out naturally with no problems and complete closure & healing! After the 30th session the 2nd molar was extracted with the same no problem, closure, healing!! And the 3rd molar seemed to have firmed up/strengthened and my UCSF dental doctor & I agreed “Let’s leave it in & use it (chewing)!” I could not have dreamed up a better outcome — THANK YOU ADVANCED HYPERBARICS!!

The clean & modern AHR facility is/was wonderfully located for me: an easy daily—even Memorial Day they were open—7:15 am lovely GG Bridge morning crossing, 20 minutes from my SF Inner Richmond home to Larkspur Landing for my 8:00 am sessions. I miss the getting up & out early, the beautiful mornings, the light on the bay waters, the smell of bacon from the Marin Country Mart outdoor shopping center across the street, and especially the always warm & friendly welcome from the wonderful, helpful, kind, sensitive, thoughtful, knowledgeable, thorough, hardworking, professional all-women who run (& I think own) AHR. It was always a pleasure going for my sessions and I highly recommend Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery.

Randon McKendrick