Radiation Patient Heals with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

I write this testimonial on behalf of my family and my beloved 82 year old father, Enio Monsanto. I would like to bring to your attention the extraordinary medical treatment and results my father received at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin, a hyperbaric oxygen therapy - HBOT - treatment clinic located in Larkspur, Calif.

About two years ago my dad began to experience diminished mental acuity. He began losing focus, the ability to engage or sustain conversation and he could not control his swallowing mechanism, which resulted in serious bouts of choking on his food and even his own saliva. To compensate, we purchased a food processor to chop his meals into a consistency he could tolerate. This strategy worked only partially, as he still often choked.

To compound things, in early 2011, doctors at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Rosa, Calif. diagnosed that a squamos cell skin cancer was growing on dad’s left shin area about six inches above his ankle. The cancer had the appearance of an open blister about 1/4 inch in diameter. We were informed that the cancer was not life threatening, but it would continue to grow in size and possibly fester into a stinking, necrotic open wound. We were told this cancer could not be operated on and could only be treated with Radiation.

My family agreed to the radiation treatment, but only after we returned from an already planned ten day vacation. During our vacation, the cancer tripled in size into a festering, stinking, necrotic open wound. Thankfully, the radiation treatment killed the cancer lesion, but ....it left a nasty burn wound on my dad’s leg that did not respond to conventional wound treatment and it also quickly began to grow in size to approx. 2" by 2.5". This time around, the Kaiser doctors informed us the only way to treat this burn wound was by a skin graft, which only had a 50% chance of success.

Kaiser doctors offered no other treatment or remedy..

Not wanting my dad to suffer with skin graft wounds, I researched and found that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy-HBOT, successfully treated radiation wounds as well as a broad range of other serious medical conditions. After locating Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin, their highly experienced staff produced substantial testimonial and pre & post photographic documentation of the curative effects of HBOT. They assured my family that HBOT would indeed heal my father's radiation wound. Because Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin has such a remarkable track record of success, Kaiser Permanente agreed to co-pay this treatment.

HBOT sessions began in January, 2012 and ended in June. It is now August and my father’s leg is completely healed from the damaging effects of radiation therapy. In addition, his mental acuity has improved by 50%, as though a fog has been lifted and he is now more lucid than he has been in two years. The icing on this cake is that my father can once again chew and swallow his food without choking and we haven't used the food processor in over four weeks.

If I hadn't seen the effects of HBOT for myself, I would have remained a healthy skeptic and I am now a staunch advocate of this procedure. Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin has volumes of baseline data and testimonials that prove the irrefutable, long lasting efficacy of HBOT treatment on the devastating effects of dementia, brain trauma, vascular deficiency, neurologic disorders, enhancing the growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis), increasing Stem Cell Growth and how it increases the growth of unique cells that form reparative tissue (fibroblastic proliferation)

As we enter the 21st century, I feel the public deserves to know about the powerful recuperative effects of this remarkable modality that encourages the human body to repair itself. It is one that offers a ray of hope and healing, where once there was despair. I sincerely urge your progressive news channel to explore this profound technology and reveal its ability to restore dignity and improved quality of life.

Sergio Monsanto