Dear (AHR Staff),

Thank you! We have loved everyday of HBOT! Thank you for working with us to make both Sam and I feel safe comfortable and welcome.

It has been a pleasure just to see you all everyday.

The treatments themselves have been wonderful as well. We noticed changes in Sammy very quickly. First in quality of sleep. Which was huge for us as a family. Then in new ways of communication. He started to communicate “yes” and “no” then he even started taking more and babbling more!!!

And then in movement. He now is moving forward, nearly crawling. He can go get any toy he wants! He also seems to enjoy moving so much more and wants to play for hours!!! When I think that all this change happened in just about 8 weeks, I can’t believe it! HBOT has improved the quality of our lives profoundly! And all of you have worked to make it one of the most fun and joyful experiences of our lives!

Thank you for helping us to heal. We are so grateful there are passionate and dedicated people, like yourselves, that truly want to help those in need. Thank you!!!


(AHR Patient & Family)


Note form our staff:

Sammy has a go fund me page located at this link, please lets all work together to help such an amazing and loving kid!! We also received a media release to be able to show you first hand the joy that Sammy and his family bring us. It has been amazing for our staff to watch yet another amazing little guy with cerebral palsy progress so much!

Sammy and Zac cerebral palsy


Thank you guys at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery for helping me heal the hole on my foot.

Keep up the work!

Thank you for everything,

(AHR Patient)