There are circumstances for various reasons that either a person must recover more quickly or that their recovery isn’t going as well as hoped.

  • Post op. cosmetic or other surgery is taking too long to heal and the esthetics of the patient is questioned by both the doctor and the patient.
  • A patient is compromised and wound healing is very slow (due to diabetes (1), an auto immune condition, an infection, increased stress, or from being a smoker).
  • For others, if there is a necrotic tissue or bone disease such as osteradionecrosis (ORN), there is danger of dead tissues preventing oxygen transfer and healing to the wound site. Because oxygen cannot cross this barrier, healing will not occur. (2)

Additionally, an event can occur when a patient is so swollen after surgery such as a compartment syndrome (3) or a reperfusion injury (4).

Often Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Help
Whether it’s a bacterial infection, a compartment syndrome injury or an ischemic event affecting any part of one’s body, HBOT will increase the oxygen gradient and blood flow to accelerate healing and functional recovery. Here’s How!

  • HBOT increases Stem Cell Growth.
  • HBOT significantly reduces swelling.
  • HBOT significantly reduces edema.
  • HBOT significantly shortens the inflammatory process.
  • Neovascularization or angiogenesis; the growth of new blood vessels are another very important aspect of HBOT. HBOT/Angiogenesis has several clinical applications for wound healing. (5)

Scientists from the Tokyo, Japan Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Dental University, Hyperbaric Medical Center and Sports Medicine Clinic, have provided research for Hyperbaric oxygen reducing inflammation, oxygenating injured muscle, and regenerating skeletal muscle via macrophage and satellite cell (stem cell) activation. (6)

Another study in Japan shows the increase (or proliferation) of “Enhancement Satellite Cells” (stem cells) after HBO treatments which suggest increase or acceleration of healing and functional recovery after muscle injury. (7)
Additional science is available; (8).

In a hyperbaric oxygen environment, your lungs can gather more oxygen than would be possible breathing pure oxygen at normal air pressure.

Your blood carries healing promoting oxygen, as a nutrient, throughout your body to help fight bacteria and stimulate the release of stem cells and of substances called growth factors. (9)

According to a Case Study by Stephen Thom, MD, Ph.D., et al. at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, it is determined that exposure to hyperbaric oxygen would mobilize stem/progenitor cells from the bone marrow by a nitric oxide (-NO) dependent mechanism.
It was hypothesized that stem cells in the peripheral circulation of humans doubled in response to a single exposure of 2.0 atmospheres absolute (ATA) of oxygen for 2 hours.
Furthermore, over a course of 20 treatments, these same circulating cells mobilized and increased eightfold. (10)

Stem cells are crucial to injury repair and to healing.

Testimonies from two very grateful athletes/patients who have needed rapid healing are won over by the effects of HBOT.

Olympic Athlete, Dorina Vaccaroni, was told she must forfeit her “Race Across America” because, after a bicycle fall and tibial break, her doctors told her it would take 3 months to heal. She learned of HBOT for bone healing and in only 3 weeks!…voila!

Watch this video of our dear patient, Gina, a Medical Professional experiencing rapid healing with HBOT

We, the staff of Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery, thank you! for believing in the healing power of HBOT and for a remarkable year of growth during 2019.

A special note of thanks from our Program Director Janine Thill, EMT, CHT:
I have Gratitude beyond words for my team of dedicated healing women to work with. I am immensely grateful for HBOT and the proven science that works for most patients. If is a privilege to participate with YOU, our remarkable Medical Community; to receive YOUR trust as we take exceptional care of YOUR patients then return them back to you once they have completed HBOT.

Most importantly, I thank My Family and friends and Our patients who often become extensions of our Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin Family.
Please consider this remarkable medicine today.
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Advanced Hyperbaric Medical Director, Jacqueline S. Chan, DO
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