Did you know that there is an incredible  painless healing modality that aids rapid recovery following dental work? There are new advancements in research regarding postradiotherapy cases, osteonecrosis of the jaw, osteomyelitis, periodontal disease, and dental implants. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can even be used in conjunction with other procedures such as bone grafting.

The FDA has approved Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for recovery from dental procedures, including post extractions, post surgical  healing, pre and post implant procedures, osteomyelitis (jaw or facial bone infections), cavitations,  oral non healing wounds, non healing soft tissue infection, and osteoradionecrosis, or complications in radiation therapy that leads to bone damage of the jaw. HBOT aids in the healing process of many dental procedures. 

HBOT assists with post surgical healing through  angiogenesis, or growth of new blood vessels, prevents infection, and assists antibiotics to kill bacteria. Patients report reduced hospitalization time, infection clearing due to the antibiotics working better, as well as reducing the adhesion of leukocytes, thereby reducing inflammation, swelling and edema in the area. 

On our website, we detail the full benefits a patient may receive with doing HBOT before and after certain dental procedures here, Dental • Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery, Inc. Sometimes HBOT is used in conjunction with the surgical procedure, as well as antibiotics to give the patient the best opportunity for true and complete healing. Comparatively, according to studies, healing time is greatly reduced when a patient also has HBOT treatments and less complications from their procedures are reported. 

In this study, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Can It Be the New Era in Dentistry? – PMC, it describes the benefit of HBOT in connection with different dental conditions that are covered by insurance, and the effects it has on the healing process. The study finds that in the case of osteomyelitis, there was an increase in “the host response and at making the environment more favorable for the action of the inflammatory cells.” In a study which was done on the treatment of chronic refractory osteomyelitis, 11 out of 14 patients were successively treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy without any complications.” The study concluded that “hyperbaric oxygen therapy serves a promising future and a new era of safer treatment modalities.”  

Osteomyelitis is a condition that can be caused by staphylococcus bacteria. It is incredibly painful, and it enters the bone through the bloodstream. It is an infection of the bone. Some individuals may be more at risk if they have conditions like diabetes, or kidney disease. Treatment includes antibiotics and surgery at the site. HBOT is being used for osteomyelitis because of the antibiotic enhancing abilities of the oxygenation process. Here, Adjuvant hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of hemodialysis patients with chronic osteomyelitis, a comparison study was done for patients with chronic osteomyelitis. They were given HBOT treatments  when the tissue failed to heal after traditional methods, and it was concluded that HBOT “is effective as an adjunct to aggressive medical and surgical treatment.”

A patient, Helena S, was not able to treat her osteomyelitis due to a tooth abscess. The pain was unbearable. Since starting HBOT at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, Helena has seen major improvements. “This program has certainly improved my well being from the standpoint of improved blood flow to the area of my jaw, and hopeful improvement of the infection long term…I’ve noticed an amazing side effect, a marked improvement in my vision. It has been really remarkable.” The full testimony is here, Dental Osteomyelitis Patient Recommends Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Contact us to learn how you can benefit from HBOT following  your next dental surgery, or oral procedure. We can answer any of your questions, including if it will be covered by your insurance (most dental patients using HBOT will be). Here at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, we will make sure you receive the best in care. Call us at 415-785-8652 to start your HBOT journey.

HBOT can positively impact your oral health, too!

Opioid withdrawal is a painful process and for some can even turn into addiction. Many people go to rehab to completely recover from their withdrawal and addiction. Many times they are given an opioid as prescribed by a doctor to recover from surgery, such as codeine, morphine, or Vicoden. These are very serious drugs, but are sometimes needed in life or death situations or during the very painful healing process. Symptoms of withdrawal may depend on the drug itself, which include racing heart, anxiety, diarrhea, chills, high blood pressure, nausea and vomiting, increased body temperature, and/or muscle and bone pain. Please contact American Addiction Centers if you or a loved one is in pain from opioid withdrawal symptoms. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is used to relieve pain from situations like surgeries, post radiation effects, traumatic brain injuries, diabetic foot, and many more. Please see our list here FDA Approved Conditions for HBOT • Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery, Inc of FDA approved conditions that your insurance can cover if you choose HBOT. 

Drug rehab and recovery with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can ease the process and improve quality of life for so many patients. When oxygen is saturated within the body, it is able to naturally increase hyperoxia, or oxygen levels, in tissues. Increased oxygen reduces cerebral edema and makes the blood cells stronger, more  able to carry out their healing processes efficiently. Pain and inflammation is also reduced, since white blood cells are able to remove cell debris and toxins more efficiently, thus improving healing time. HBOT helps the patient detox, so there is less toxicity load on the body.

Many patients report pain reduction with HBOT. A trial was done on individuals who had terrible opioid withdrawal symptoms, and they tried HBOT to assist in tapering off the drug. According to the study, “Opioid withdrawal symptoms were reduced after Day 1 of HBOT by twice as much, on average, compared with the control condition. Satisfaction surveys found participants were generally satisfied with ease and comfort of the treatment.” The full study is here Hyperbaric Oxygen to Assist Adults With Opioid Use Disorder in Reducing Methadone Dose

Lynn D’s experience from Santa Rosa CA.  “I am a prominent Real Estate agent in Sonoma County, after my hip replacement I was in tremendous pain. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery in San Rafael, not only helped me heal so much faster than I did with my first hip replacement, but it also helped me get off the pain medications so that I could get back to work quicker. I felt my body detoxing off the anesthesia and opioids and felt that cloud LIFT so my cognitive function came back and I never looked back. Thank you Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery and your amazing team for all of your help and loving care! A True healing oasis.”

A patient of Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, Claudia G, noticed a significant decrease in pain and swelling after teeth removal surgery. She stated, “I went into the chamber after I had my wisdom tooth removed, it helped with the pain and swelling… After my treatment I definitely felt a difference in my face, the cheeks were not as swollen, and my pain was gone.” HBOT is extremely effective in reducing pain, making it a wonderful mode for recovery in many conditions, including pain from opioid withdrawal..

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery is located in San Rafael CA, contact us at 415-785-8652 for more information if you or a loved one is suffering painful opioid dependence and are struggling with withdrawal symptoms. Share this blog with your friends and family, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @AdvancedHBOT. Healing the body with oxygen from medical grade hyperbaric chambers is a painless, non-invasive, relaxing treatment with numerous benefits. 

Withdrawal symptoms can vary from each individual, and HBOT
reduces pain, inflammation, and toxicity load in the body.

We Now Work with Medicare!

January 10, 2022

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC is now accepting Medicare patients! Finally the ones who need us the most, the retired, elderly and or disabled, as well as those who are on a fixed income, can have a chance at advanced healing to regain independence and self-reliance.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a painless out-patient therapy used by patients for advanced healing. Medicare will pay for HBOT when a facility has physician supervision, uses medical grade hard chambers and medical grade oxygen along with many other credentialing requirements. Once traditional medical care stops working for a period of 30 days, Medicare may pay for HBOT. 

Medicare patients can now be seen by approved HBOT facilities, such as Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC in Marin County. Medicare will now pay for the approved conditions set by the FDA. Even if you or a loved one has a condition that is not FDA approved, the highly trained specialty staff at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery will use case studies and research to help determine if HBOT may improve your quality of life. Increased oxygenation to damaged cells will be able to facilitate healing in a number of ways. Our Science section Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy HBOT – The Science displays what HBOT does when cells receive oxygen from the hard chambers at Advanced. 

There are 14 FDA approved conditions that cover most of the cost of HBOT treatments that Medicare patients can take advantage of. These include but are not limited to non-healing wounds, post radiation effects, and bone infection, crush injury, some burns, cyanide poisoning, decompression sickness, and progressive infections. 

Numerous conditions are being currently studied as to the reported benefits of HBOT. These investigational conditions include fungal infections, Neurological Conditions such as M.S., systemic infections such as Lyme disease, pain cycle dysfunction such as fibromyalgia and rad/crps. Patients have reported reduced pain and inflammation after HBOT, as well as improved recovery or remission of symptoms. The starburst slot re-spin function takes place in a brand new window that seems above the usual grid. Starburst online casino free spins is now Bigger, Better and prepared for More Free Spins than Ever!

HBOT is a relaxing experience for many, and is 100% supervised by a highly trained, educated and Nationally Certified medical professional. The patient can watch a movie or listen to music during treatment, and focus on healing. The condition the patient has determines how many sessions a person will have. 

Quality of life can improve with HBOT therapy even after the most successful surgeries or radiation treatments. Here, Clinical Effectiveness of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Complex Wounds, this study shows that “HBO enhanced the wound healing process.” 

HBOT has been proven to reduce pain and inflammation during the healing process. Depending on the protocol some patients need to produce Angiogenesis or the process of creating new blood vessels with oxygenation. Medical grade HBOT can produce an 8-fold increase in your own stem cell production! Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy works in conjunction with antibiotic treatments too  by destroying bacteria which causes infection. Increased oxygenation helps repair your cells and tissues. 

Jeff S found Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery after his spinal surgery. He found relief after a few sessions, and “…would definitely recommend to other friends, who have any kind of surgical procedure, where they want to accelerate internal healing.” Here Post Spinal Surgery healing accelerated by HBOT • Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery, Inc is Jeff’s full testimonial! 

If you or a loved one has Medicare, and has an approved condition, listed here FDA Approved Conditions for HBOT • Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery, Inc, give us a call at 415-785-8652. You can also reach us at info@improvehealing.com for any questions. We post new articles each week, and you can also find us on Facebook (Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin – Home | Facebook) and Instagram @hyperbaricoxygentherapy. We look forward to learning more about your situation, and answering your questions on how HBOT can improve your quality of life. 

Those with MEDICARE are now
eligible for HBOT.

Heal Radiation Burns with HBOT

December 17, 2021

While radiotherapy is able to destroy cancer cells, some patients experience painful radiation effects that can appear anytime after radiotherapy treatment. One of them is radiation burns of the targeted tissue and the surrounding area. These burns can be like a simple sunburn, or as serious as radiation dermatitis. 

Side effects of radiation can range from mild to severe. After bladder or prostate cancer, a patient can experience radiation cystitis or proctitis. People can suffer from bowel problems after treatment for their colon cancer. 

Increased oxygenation in a hyperbaric chamber is able to utilize the body’s own regenerative properties. New blood vessels are able to form during the process of angiogenesis in the hyperoxygenated state. Radiation burns, or reconstructive surgery, can leave lasting scars. HBOT increases the oxygen available to these tissues, which are hypoxic. Because HBOT is able to deliver more oxygen to the damaged cells, it greatly reduces swelling. When swelling is reduced, oxygen is able to flow more freely, giving powerful nutrients to the damaged cells and tissue.

Those that experience HBOT for themselves, such as Margaret, a patient at Advanced Hyperbaric INC, noticed her radiation burn healing much faster than she expected. “Following my Radiation for a Lumpectomy from Breast Cancer, I suffered a very heavy radiation burn with much swelling…The scar was raised and painful…Finally I started treatment at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery.” Margaret’s entire experience can be located here Breast Cancer Radiation • Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery, Inc

According to a clinical review, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for late radiation tissue injury, done by the Cochrane Register of Controlled Trials, patients in the small trials had “improved outcomes” after 30-40 HBOT treatments following their radiation. HBOT is a safe and effective healing modality for most patients suffering from post radiation  complications. Utilizing the body’s own regenerative properties requires oxygen. 

Call to schedule a video conference with one of our highly trained staff, and we will be able to discuss your individual needs. Our blog covers a wide variety of topics that may answer your questions, as well as our FAQ and Science sections on our website. (Www.HyperbaricOxygenTherapy.com) Follow us on our socials, such as Facebook, Instagram and Google so you are notified whenever we have a new blog. 

HBOT can improve the quality of life for cancer survivors. Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC is honored to become a part of your supportive team.

HBOT delivers oxygen to the area needed most, and the damaged cancer cells
need oxygen to heal.

Jim Spence found relief for his suffering after coming to Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery. Jim  received Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) treatments for radiation induced cystitis of the bladder following his radiation treatment. He said, “I haven’t had any issues with my bladder so far, which is very comforting…The staff is extremely helpful, and the facility is convenient…” He highly recommends HBOT for its numerous applications for healing, and praised Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC. His full testimonial is here https://bit.ly/3dd7BaG

Radiotherapy on the pelvis can cause painful side effects like cystitis, vaginitis or proctitis. These can be debilitating, and disrupt everyday life. Radiation cystitis, vaginitis or proctitis can occur anytime after radiation treatment. Common symptoms following radiation are acute bladder infections, pelvic discomfort, and burning when passing urine. With vaginitis, which is an inflammation of the vagina, symptoms are discharge, burning, and itching. Proctitis discomfort includes frequent bowel movements, rectal pain, bleeding of the area, or pain on the left side of the abdomen. Talk to your doctor if you have any of these symptoms post radiation, and discuss HBOT as a possible method of recovery.

HBOT promotes angiogenesis and collagen within this  tissue. Angiogenesis promotes healing in damaged blood vessels and the growth of new capillaries, enabling them to get oxygen to the surrounding tissue. Increasing oxygen to these tissues  reduces inflammation, pain and creates collagen needed for healing. Collagen needs oxygen to function optimally, and it is used to help repair the damaged cells and tissues. In case of bladder infections, increasing the supply of oxygen to the area promotes faster recovery and prevents further infection. HBOT assists the uptake of the antibiotics and therefore speeds the recovery process from infection. 

Review this exciting case study with over 100 post radiation patients who were followed up to 63 months. They all experienced radiation at the pelvic region, and had radiation induced cystitis. The study concluded, “Our results support the safety and long-term benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) on RIHC (Radiation Induced Cystitis) and other distressful bladder symptoms, which represents an expected improvement of quality of life in our patients.” The full article is here https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32736899/. It concluded that the sooner patients receive HBOT after radiation, the occurrence and duration of cystitis and other effects was greatly reduced.

HBOT improves patient quality of life after treatments such as chemo and radiotherapy. For those with more lasting, painful effects, HBOT is able to supply oxygen to those cells where it is needed the most and continue the healing process. 

Consider Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC for you or a loved one if you suffer from any conditions listed in the Conditions section of the website. Follow our Facebook, Instagram and Google Business for updates. Contact us and we will be able to answer your questions on how HBOT can be applied to your current situation. 

HBOT improves Quality of Life for those suffering from
radiation induced side effects.

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

September 24, 2021

Recovery is part of the journey to good health, and it is imperative that people look at health differently. At Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, we believe that taking care of yourself, healing yourself back to optimum health, helps heal the world. Mark Nepo said, “When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.” When we are at our best, we can participate in our communities and live life to the fullest. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps heal many conditions approved by the FDA such as non-healing wounds, exceptional blood anemia, and carbon monoxide poisoning. This month of September we will be focusing on how hyperbaric therapy can benefit you and your loved ones. 

Hyperbaric therapy helps to heal the wound from the inside out, as the patient breathes 100% Medical Grade oxygen from the  hyperbaric chamber under slight pressure. HBOT reduces swelling from the wound, and heals the surrounding tissue. Injuries need oxygen to heal, and with a medical grade chamber, hyperbaric therapy is essential for healing many conditions. Depending on the issue, a patient will need several treatments. 

Staff at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC will be present at all times, monitoring the session. The staff is expertly trained in the medical oxygen chambers, to keep you safe and to give appropriate feedback for your sessions. Gina Kitania stated that “I had the great good fortune to encounter  Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery because I had orthopedic issues…ever since then, my recovery times from exertion or exercise are so much shorter.” She recommends her pre and post op patients to get hyperbaric recovery treatments. HBOT is a safe and effective way to get yourself back on your feet to complete recovery. 

The medical grade chambers heal wounds faster when the patient breathes 100% Medical Grade Oxygen, instead of any percentage less than that in nonmedical chambers. Many people use hyperbaric chambers, such as scuba divers, fire fighters, athletes, CEO’s and celebrities . People who need to recover from surgery can do so by reducing swelling and pain, giving oxygen to the whole body, which will help the surgery site recover. 

Hyperbaric therapy is sometimes the last piece in the puzzle for a person with chronic conditions to begin a life of healing. When a person heals from old wounds, a lingering infection, or detoxes from a toxic exposure, physically, they can move forward in life. WIthout chronic pain, a person can live life to the fullest and then help those around them better than ever before. 

There are numerous benefits to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, including collagen production to help skin conditions. HBOT can help with cell repair,  and skin cell damage. Hyperbaric therapy has been called “the fountain of youth” with good reason. Oxygen can benefit stem cells by doubling your stem cell production with one hyperbaric session and increasing your stem cell production 8-FOLD with 20 consecutive sessions.  This action is also motivating the bone marrow to stimulate the osteoclasts and osteoblasts in the bone to heal fractures more completely and grow new bone stronger. 

At Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC we encourage patients to ask questions on what we can do for them. You can send us an email or give a phone call and a knowledgeable staff member will help you begin your journey. Making the commitment to hyperbaric therapy is committing to improving your quality of life. And remember, when you heal yourself, you also heal the world.

There are numerous healing benefits from HBOT. It is a safe, noninvasive treatment that
can improve over a dozen health conditions.