Sammy Enos Update

January 17, 2017

Hi I just wanted to share some good news we had with Sammy. A few weeks back Sammy went in for an EEG test to measure for seizure activity. He had a horrific seizure at 13 months. We got the test results back and they were clear. Completely free of seizure activity!

This is a huge shift for this little guy . We just saw his neurologist and he even admitted he was surprised by the result. To our great surprise and relief , he said we now can ween Sam off the phenobarbital! Just amazing!

I am so beyond proud of this little guy. He continues to surprise us all. We have sought out therapies that will assist Sammy in reaching milestones but that also heal on a deep level. I feel like that is what we are starting to see in his test results and in just the beautiful little boy in front of us. We are so lucky and thankful for all your love and support!

Thank you so much for being a huge part of this deep and miraculous healing. We hope to see you soon. I am hoping we could do a summer session. Trying to figure out the money stuff now. Happy New Year! We miss EVERYONE at HBOT.