Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a painless, outpatient, physician referred, healing therapy. Our exclusive, medical grade, hard chamber technology increases the “oxygen gradient” in damaged, oxygen starved tissues, acting as a “cellular energy catapult.”
At Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery, we give hope to so many patients. HBOT is alleviating suffering and Improving Quality of Life!” Over the last decade we know this to be truth for non-healing wounds and post radiation effects, but it’s wonderful when we can also help other patients too. Here are a few of our Wins from 2018!”

Approximately 15% of the patients that we treat suffer from post concussion and cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) or stroke. The diagnoses range from stroke recovery, cerebral infarction, vascular dementia to cognitive impairment. Any brain trauma or CVA impacts oxygenation to our most precious organ. HBOT can change the game of recovery for both acute or chronic patients.
We are honored to treat a Sonoma County First Responder.
Gene Cahn is a retired Fire Fighter/EMT whose family brought him to us approximately one year post cardiac surgery. After Gene’s involved surgery, he suffered a stroke and was in a coma for 9 days. During this time, Gene had a tracheotomy. In his families words, “since his coma, he had digressed and was completely like a baby; unable to talk or lift himself up without special equipment (hoyer lift) and caretakers.” In 5 short weeks after receiving HBOT, Eugene, “is not only much more alert and able to concentrate for longer periods of time, he is able to word-search and to engage with others. He can walk short distances, transfer himself from chair to bed and no longer uses the hoyer lift. His appetite has returned.”
He even recounted to one of the Certified Hyperbaric Technologists, his career as a Sonoma County EMT. Charming and gracious, Gene has become quite a kidder. It is an immense pleasure to observe Gene’s healing, knowing what a contribution this is to his wife, children and grandchildren.

Sharon and Eugene Cahn. Eugene is a Retired EMT and our Post Stroke Patient.

Success describes our patient M.M., diagnosed with Amyloidosis, a rare tissue disease. Her disease left her disabled, unable to walk without her walker or drive herself. Fortunately, this loving wife and mother of 2 was surrounded daily by her families’ loving caring attention. She was very frail and symptomatic when we first met her. By her 5th treatment, her gait was described as normal. With the help of HBOT, she progressed greatly towards an improved quality of life. She went from being wheelchair bound, to walking herself into our office unassisted by chairs, canes or others.

A woman in her early 30’s came to us with her chief complaint being “chronic headaches.” She also stated that she suffered from depression, exhaustion, weakness and dizziness. Once the patient started Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy she informed us at her 5th treatment that she felt more social. By her 19th treatment, she stated, “I am doing better”. By treatment, #32, she said, “I Feel GREAT!” This Patient related that HBOT has made such a difference and helped her through her hard time of being so sick. She had improvement in all symptoms with the biggest improvement in depression.

A four year old child with severe cerebral palsy is being treated through our Non-Profit 501c3 “H.O.P.E. for Healing Institute.”
Initially, like a slinky, the child could not hold his head or spine erect and appeared to have no purposeful interaction with the Certified Hyperbaric Technologists (CHT’s).
After 5 weeks of treatment, for the first time in his LIFE, he reached up under his mother’s hair and whispered “I love you” TWICE! Sharing this, brought tears to her eyes.
One week later he was sitting up on his own trying to crawl. As he left our facility that day, the CHT waved goodbye. He got really excited trying, but not succeeding, to return the wave. Then she blew him a kiss and he turned around and blew a kiss back. Our CHT was in disbelief so she did it again and he blew a second kiss…!
The miracles continue…

Julia; wife, mother and ICU Nurse who now sits on our Medical Advisory Board, was debilitated by a car accident.
She suffered 2 strokes with multiple cerebral bleeds limiting her to live with limited light in dark environments and not being able to carry or care for her 3 ear old child. After her final treatment, not only has she regained the quality of her life, but has returned to her job in the ICU and is currently getting her teaching credential. She said to our program director, “Janine! this works. HBOT REALLY WORKS!!”

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, a pain free modality has given Julia her life back!

THANK YOU Gary, for being our courageous HERO of 2018! You are our SuperMan!

Gary is our Oxygen Representative from Complete Welders Supply in Sonoma County. He has been working in Oxygen for 2 decades.

Gary ensures our whole system is piped correctly per CA and National regulations; testing the lines, replacing hoses, going above and beyond what is required ~including making last minute deliveries. Gary is our professional partner. Together we guarantee and commit to our delivery, the QUALITY and the Safety that is our #1 commitment.

Thank you Gary for helping us maintain our high standards and safeguards to be the BEST IN HYPERBARIC MEDICINE and for recognizing we save and change lives for the better- alleviating suffering and Improving Quality If Life. YOU make that possible by being the BEST in quality and service yourself.
More than that your heroism in saving the home of your neighbor and your own home during the Sonoma County Wildfires takes courage, guts, and ACTION.

We are so proud to call you our Oxygen Representative and friend.
With love
The Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery Team

Celebrating with Gratitude for your Healing
Some of our individual winning moments while serving our patients are:
~Claudia writes; loving and laughing with a 5 year old C.P. patient spinning together on our desk stool, while waiting for his mother to change back into her street clothes.

~Our Program director shares; “One of my best friends, Linda, lost her home of 27 years in the Sonoma County Fires. As the fire hit her backyard causing the lights to suddenly go out she fell down her stairs injuring her knee trying to flee.
Now in shock, grief, loss, pain and devastation, a big truck servicing the neighborhood ran over her car WITH HER IN IT! breaking her wrist and causing a serious concussion. Finally getting her into the Hyperbaric Chamber helped her in so many ways – the pain and swelling in her knee had gone away (she had been consulting surgeons) the pain and inflammation in her wrist had reduced by 80% and most dramatically she got her brain back. HBOT helped her settle her nervous system and even get her ambition back. Linda went from limping in pain and not being able to function to being able to go back to work as a Real Estate Agent and even took on the job as a caregiver to her invalid mother. She tells me every time I see her “HBOT gave me my life back.”

~Janine exclaims; “Getting to attend the Art Showing of one of our very special patients, Susan Swartz, at the Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art at UC Davis. To see this lovely patient LIVING her life again and blessing us with her talent is such a gift.

Susan Swartz at her art opening in Davis
~Denora, our beloved Administration Expert states; My favorite work moment this past year was announcing my pregnancy to the staff during our monthly team meeting gifting everyone with yummy cupcakes embellished and “Bump Ahead” toppers!
It is wonderful sharing Baby Layla with you all!

Additional Wins in 2018

~Supporting a very claustrophobic patient during his initial treatments, such that by the end of his 40th treatment he exclaimed “and I am so proud that I really adjusted to my treatments! I felt so cared for and safe.” VG
Why Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is effective:
Read these 22 reasons that HBOT can help you.

For wound healing, HBOT will increase growth factors, endothelial progenaitor cells (EPCs), and stem cell production. (1)

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