Did you know? Mild COVID cases still lead to attention and memory issues – study | Reuters, “LONDON, Jan 19 (Reuters) – People with mild COVID-19 who do not suffer any other traditional “long COVID” symptoms can still exhibit deteriorated attention and memory six to nine months after infection, a study by Britain’s Oxford University has found.

After some people recover from Covid-19, they can still have complications. These symptoms are called Post Covid-19 Syndrome, or Long-Haul COVID. Symptoms can be mild or severe. These symptoms can range from loss of smell and taste, fatigue, pain, loss of coordination, headaches and cognitive impairment in certain individuals, even dementia. Of those with Long-Haul Covid, 50-80% of those who now test negative for Covid-19 will develop some long-haul COVID symptoms, according to the American Lung Association here Understanding COVID-19 Long Haulers | American Lung Association.

Some of these individuals may even develop chronic dysfunction to one or multiple vital organs, while the others will still have lingering symptoms without apparent damage to their vital organs. Of the treatment options for individuals with long haul covid symptoms, HBOT is a painless, natural viable option. Hypoxemia, or low levels of oxygen in the blood, can occur in patients with Covid-19. HBOT saturates the red blood cells and diffuse past the capillary walls to the soft tissue and even bone with oxygen. Essentially, HBOT sends oxygen into areas where even the blood does not go.

Our physician can determine how many sessions an individual with Long-Haul COVID symptoms may need, as each case is specific to that patient. Due to inflammation created by the COVID virus, HBOT is able to promote oxygenation in the blood, and therefore gives energy to white blood cells to fight off illness too. A study, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of long COVID: early evaluation of a highly promising intervention | RCP Journals, was looking at HBOT and those that suffered from fatigue after contracting Covid-19. The study listed a “statistically significant improvement” upon individuals with long Covid (or Post Covid-19 Syndrome). Oxygen is required in all processes in the body, and HBOT facilitates the body’s healing.

A recent patient of Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery “Luv L” went to receive HBOT in August of 2020 for long Covid symptoms. She reports she had been suffering for 5 months with Long Haul COVID symptoms before she began HBOT. Before, in 2018, she received HBOT for a traumatic brain injury and had wonderful results at the same facility (Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery in San Rafael CA). “Luv L” said her Long Haul COVID symptoms were so bad she couldn’t even spell simple words, remember names and couldn’t stand up for very long. She could not function well in daily tasks. “Luv L” said that, “…I’m feeling very hopeful I can put coronavirus and its downstream effects behind me…To the impeccable team at Advanced Hyperbaric of San Rafael, California. They are clean, careful and kind.” Luv L’s full testimonial is on Yelp here.

Another patient, “Susan B,” used HBOT for recovery from Long Haul COVID symptoms. She suffered from neuroinflammation from COVID, with swelling of the meninges. She couldn’t read, talk or concentrate. Susan said, “The oxygenation of HBOT helped drive healing into my cranium, reducing the swelling and getting me back on my feet. The team at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin is professional, supportive and well-trained. This is a loving space for deep healing. Highly recommended!”

While Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC does not treat those currently testing positive for Covid-19, if an individual does end up with complicated symptoms after testing negative, HBOT is available.

If you are suffering from long haul Covid symptoms, please contact us at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, located in San Rafael, California at 415-785-8652. As a community we can fight Covid-19, and we are honored to do our part.

Do you know someone suffering with a non-healing wound? Or pain following radiation? Are you suffering with a non-healing wound following surgery or radiation?

HBOT has helped MANY alleviate suffering and heal chronic conditions. But more than that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has helped our dear older ones on MEDICARE, FINALLY heal so they may restore self-reliance and independence in their lives. Here at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery we are humbly accepting MEDICARE patients. 

The experience of Maryann, who was able to heal and move back into her own apartment after a prolonged stay in a care home and restored her independence, warms our hearts. We were able to offer HBOT to Mary Ann, and alleviate her many painful symptoms. Since Advanced is now contracted with MEDICARE, we can now accept many patients like Maryann who are suffering from accepted conditions, such as non-healing wounds. If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms such as acute pain, soreness, numbness, constant urination, exhaustion, dry skin, as well as wounds that will not heal, please go see a primary care doctor to ask about diabetes. 

340 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes. 20% of diabetic sufferers experience foot ulcers that will not heal, which doctors call a nonhealing wound. These can become infected, and the affected area might need to be amputated to prevent further infection. According to Mechanistic insight into diabetic wounds: Pathogenesis, molecular targets and treatment strategies to pace wound healing – ScienceDirect, diabetes affects the body’s ability to heal its wounds properly.

Maryann had a non-healing diabetic wound in her toe that would not close because of infection. After months of going back and forth to the hospital and rehab, the doctor said she would have to lose her toe. Maryann said, “I wasn’t taking any chances this time, and I had heard about Hyperbarics from a friend, not to mention my own brother had done treatments and it helped to save his leg from amputation! My treatments have been a God send! My wound has healed magnificently and prevented further amputation of my foot.” She was able to regain her independence and get rid of her wheelchair, her walker and even her cane. She was so proud that she could even drive again! Her HBOT journey and full testimonial is located here Grandmother Avoids Amputation and Regains Independance.  

HBOT works by lowering inflammation, increasing collagen production, and it has  antimicrobial properties by saturating the body with oxygen from the hyperbaric chamber. According to the study Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for nonhealing wounds: Treatment results of a single center, “81% of all patients referred showed that the wound was healed/or was near complete healing… HBOT may decrease the need for minor or major amputations in the case of diabetic foot ulcers in particular.” Not only was the nonhealing wound affected positively by HBOT, any other wounds the patient had were well on their way to being healed by the HBOT sessions too.

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery Inc. has a physician on staff that can answer any of your HBOT questions, and we will handle all the insurance paperwork for MEDICARE payment. 

Here at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery Inc, we treat each patient with the highest degree of respect and care. Contact us at 415-785-8652. We are conveniently located in San Rafael, and look forward to sharing the exciting science behind how HBOT helps improve quality of life for so many.

We now work with MEDICARE!