October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 1 in 8 women in the US will get a breast cancer diagnosis, and the risk increases in women over 40. Almost everyone knows someone who suffers from breast cancer. Some people develop breast cancer via genetic and environmental factors. Risk factors can include obesity, and drinking alcohol. Regular self exams and mammograms are essential for every woman to detect breast cancer at an early stage. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT helps patients with breast cancer in so many ways. Some cancer patients can experience post radiation effects with radiotherapy treatments, and HBOT from 100% medical grade hyperbaric chambers will be able to treat the radiated tissue after late effects of radiation therapy (LERT). Tissue damage can occur even years after the patient’s cancer treatment. This is when HBOT can be extremely beneficial to the patient, by supplying the oxygen needed to the cells in order to heal. 

HBOT can shorten the inflammatory process, thereby treating non-healing wounds. It increases oxygenation to white blood cells to promote vasoconstriction. It speeds up the rate of healing in cells. This helps the cells strengthen collagen, supporting wound healing. It is thought that late radiation tissue injury (LRTI) is caused by fibro-atophic processes in the cells. HBOT increases the white blood cells to that area of the body, and according to journals.plos.org, all patients in the trial reported decrease in pain after the trial. It was observed that HBOT works most efficiently as soon as radiotherapy is complete or an LRTI is noticed. 

HBOT helps lower pain in post radiation and surgical sites, and reduces swelling. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the white blood cells needed to stimulate the immune response after cancer treatment. Margaret went to Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC after radiotherapy for breast cancer. She said, “Following my Radiation for a Lumpectomy from Breast Cancer, I suffered a very heavy radiation burn with much swelling. My whole breast and 1/2 of my chest was very, very hot, dark red, burgundy and almost purple…The scar was raised and painful…Finally I started treatment at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery…The huge thick scar itself flattened out and became non-existent. Last week my Mammogram Radiology Tech asked me, “You did have surgery, right?!” Because she could NOT find the scar! She was amazed at my healing! I have my energy back and I am so thankful – it was worth it! The staff at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery on scale from 1-10 is a 10+++! They are caring, informative, and empathetic and really helped me through the process. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for true medical grade Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.” 

Many complications can arise from traditional cancer treatment, and HBOT is a painless, noninvasive and relaxing option for many people. Contact us if you have any questions or if you or someone you love has breast cancer, and they need to know the benefits of HBOT.

Our Goal Is Your Safety

October 6, 2021

Here at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, your safety is our priority when you visit our facility. We are a by appointment clinic, and will remain 10 feet of distance between staff at all times. Everyone is health screened daily, and we are vigilant when it comes to hand washing and sanitizing equipment. Our front doors remain locked. Staff is well trained in current Covid-19 procedures. Our facility does not treat  patients with Covid-19, for the safety of staff and other patients. 

When a patient enters our facility, they will be required to wear a mask. The patient is required to take their temperature, and sanitize hands upon entering. While the patient is still in their car they will call in and a staff member will ask health screening questions to see if the patient has been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 or has symptoms themselves. Once in the building, the air ventilation system is equipped with virus killing air scrubbers and air ventilation. Items a patient may bring to our facility is limited at this time. At this point, one patient is admitted at a time. The hyperbaric chambers are cleaned before and after each patient. 

Once you make an appointment with us, your HBOT experience will continue to be enjoyable and relaxing as we can make it during these times. HBOT is a wonderful way to heal post surgery and post radiation, so we are taking the right steps to ensure your safety. You will be given a white bag upon arrival to put in items such as your bag, clothing and shoes. Patients will be given 100% cotton scrubs to wear during their visit. When leaving, patients will apply hand sanitizer again. 

These trying times are unheard of for most of us. Our health is a public concern, and here at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC we want you to be able to make the right decision about HBOT and how it impacts your own health. That is why we are here, to provide a service that is little discussed as a viable healing option for many conditions that are listed on our website, at this section https://hyperbaricoxygentherapy.com/conditions/approved

Taking care of our own health and family’s health is essential to preventing more outbreaks of Covid-19. Exercise, eat right, and drinking plenty of water are pivotal in maintaining good health. The medical community is realizing what the benefits of 100% medical grade hyperbaric chambers can do. These are exciting times for patients as HBOT is accepted by most insurance companies, as more and more doctors are recommending their patients receive HBOT after their conventional medicine therapies. Please call our facility, or contact us online to make a telemedicine video appointment with one of our knowledgeable staff members so we can discuss your HBOT treatment.

Ovarian cancer patients need to know about HBOT! According to the CDC, ovarian cancer is the second most common gynecological cancer. It is vital for patients to begin treatment as soon as possible, so knowing the symptoms is crucial. A few of these symptoms include abdominal swelling, quickly feeling full, weight loss, fatigue and back pain. Women need to check with their doctor regularly and discuss any potential symptoms. Once diagnosed, any and all options must be considered, including oxygen therapy from Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC.

People think that cancer cells thrive on oxygen, and therefore oxygen therapy would not benefit the patient. But, low oxygen in cells may be a cause for cancer growth. “Low oxygen levels in a cell interrupt the activity of oxidative phosphorylation, a term for the highly efficient way that cells normally use to convert food to energy,” according to sciencedaily.com. Hypoxia, which is low oxygen levels, is present in many cancer cells, including ovarian cancers. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is covered by most insurance, but it is not considered a cancer treatment; HBOT can work in conjunction with most cancer treatments and benefit a large number of people with post radiation effects.

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC wants people to understand what HBOT can do for ovarian cancer patients. If you or a loved one suffers from post radiation cystitis, vaginitis, and proctitis with hematuria, HBOT can significantly heal these issues. We will work with your medical team as part of your recovery process, giving your cells 100% oxygen which they need. HBOT is a relaxing experience, and many patients experience faster recovery using the 100% medical grade chambers at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC.

The most recent research indicates that patients responded favorably to HBOT and with little to no side effects. Some of these side effects include eye and ear problems, but they resolve themselves soon after treatment is ended.

Glenda Sales, a patient at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, took the time to investigate with her doctors what HBOT could do. “…I did my own research but I did bring it to my doctors and they were all in agreement that what I needed was a hard chamber in order to facilitate enough pressure and oxygen to reach my areas that needed to be treated. Do your research and get affiliated with somebody like Advance Hyperbaric Recovery because they have the highest chambers that are available right now on the market and because they are solid they can put you at a pressure and a type of oxygen that will penetrate this is very important because this is where the actual healing happens.” She wanted to get back to her life, and HBOT made recovery possible. Toward the end of her treatments, she was able to sit and walk comfortably! Glenda was able to live a full life after the complications from radiation. Once you see how affective HBOT can be, see if it will work for you and your symptoms. Call or email us today and we can schedule a consultation.

September is the time to acknowledge men suffering with prostate cancer. Cancer of the prostate occurs when cells begin to form in the prostate gland. It is a type of cancer where it can spread throughout the body as well, and it occurs mostly in men ages 65 or over. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to manage radiation induced proctitis and cystitis. Patients who get diagnosed with prostate cancer will undergo radiotherapy of the pelvic area. Complications can arise after treatment. This is where hyperbaric oxygen therapy comes in play, and the staff at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC is available to answer any questions you may have.

5-15% of patients after radiation therapy may have complications such as cystitis. Cystitis includes symptoms such as hematuria, incontinence, and increased urinary frequency. Evidence is growing for pure oxygen therapy from medical grade pressure chambers for men with prostate cancer. Every 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, and it is imperative that men know the treatments available in the medical community. HBOT improves the negative effects from cancer treatment and decreases the likelihood of mortality.

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC has staff that is highly trained at working with patients who have suffered from radiation effects from their cancer treatment. Oxygen therapy is even approved by the FDA and can be paid for by insurance! Damaged cells need oxygen to replicate, and breathing 100% pure oxygen reduces pain, and heals the damaged tissue even around the affected site. “HBOT has gained great clinical recognition over the decade,” according to www.urotoday.com. More patients need to know about this wonderful healing method post surgery. HBOT has been tested to decrease the growth rate of cancer cells, and “increase sensitivity to anti-cancer agents” according to www.ncbi.gov.

There have been studies on HBOT and cancer to see what would happen to a cancer cell when exposed to 100% oxygen, like in the pressure chambers of Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC. Not only does hyperbaric therapy have no effect on increasing the cancer cells, it is being discovered that HBOT can deliver oxygen safely not only to the cancer, but to the entire body. Radiation therapy and surgical cancer treatments take care of the cancer, but that leaves the body with scar tissue that needs to be healed. HBOT takes care of the complications from treatment in a safe manner with little to no side effects.

Oxygen therapy from medical grade chambers is the only way this can be done. Cheaper oxygen therapy chambers will not be as effective as 100% oxygen. There are different chambers for different applications of oxygen therapy. Choose the correct one for your condition. Speak to your medical team to see if your treatments should include HBOT with 100% oxygen! Contact the team at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC and we will work with your doctors in order to speed up your recovery, and keep you in remission from your cancer. We are honored to offer this treatment and be part of your health journey.

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

September 24, 2021

Recovery is part of the journey to good health, and it is imperative that people look at health differently. At Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, we believe that taking care of yourself, healing yourself back to optimum health, helps heal the world. Mark Nepo said, “When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.” When we are at our best, we can participate in our communities and live life to the fullest. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps heal many conditions approved by the FDA such as non-healing wounds, exceptional blood anemia, and carbon monoxide poisoning. This month of September we will be focusing on how hyperbaric therapy can benefit you and your loved ones. 

Hyperbaric therapy helps to heal the wound from the inside out, as the patient breathes 100% Medical Grade oxygen from the  hyperbaric chamber under slight pressure. HBOT reduces swelling from the wound, and heals the surrounding tissue. Injuries need oxygen to heal, and with a medical grade chamber, hyperbaric therapy is essential for healing many conditions. Depending on the issue, a patient will need several treatments. 

Staff at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC will be present at all times, monitoring the session. The staff is expertly trained in the medical oxygen chambers, to keep you safe and to give appropriate feedback for your sessions. Gina Kitania stated that “I had the great good fortune to encounter  Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery because I had orthopedic issues…ever since then, my recovery times from exertion or exercise are so much shorter.” She recommends her pre and post op patients to get hyperbaric recovery treatments. HBOT is a safe and effective way to get yourself back on your feet to complete recovery. 

The medical grade chambers heal wounds faster when the patient breathes 100% Medical Grade Oxygen, instead of any percentage less than that in nonmedical chambers. Many people use hyperbaric chambers, such as scuba divers, fire fighters, athletes, CEO’s and celebrities . People who need to recover from surgery can do so by reducing swelling and pain, giving oxygen to the whole body, which will help the surgery site recover. 

Hyperbaric therapy is sometimes the last piece in the puzzle for a person with chronic conditions to begin a life of healing. When a person heals from old wounds, a lingering infection, or detoxes from a toxic exposure, physically, they can move forward in life. WIthout chronic pain, a person can live life to the fullest and then help those around them better than ever before. 

There are numerous benefits to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, including collagen production to help skin conditions. HBOT can help with cell repair,  and skin cell damage. Hyperbaric therapy has been called “the fountain of youth” with good reason. Oxygen can benefit stem cells by doubling your stem cell production with one hyperbaric session and increasing your stem cell production 8-FOLD with 20 consecutive sessions.  This action is also motivating the bone marrow to stimulate the osteoclasts and osteoblasts in the bone to heal fractures more completely and grow new bone stronger. 

At Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC we encourage patients to ask questions on what we can do for them. You can send us an email or give a phone call and a knowledgeable staff member will help you begin your journey. Making the commitment to hyperbaric therapy is committing to improving your quality of life. And remember, when you heal yourself, you also heal the world.

Join Our HBOT Newsletter

March 7, 2019

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a painless, outpatient, physician referred, healing therapy. Our exclusive, medical grade, hard chamber technology increases the “oxygen gradient” in damaged, oxygen starved tissues, acting as a “cellular energy catapult.”
At Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery, we give hope to so many patients. HBOT is alleviating suffering and Improving Quality of Life!” Over the last decade we know this to be truth for non-healing wounds and post radiation effects, but it’s wonderful when we can also help other patients too. Here are a few of our Wins from 2018!”

Approximately 15% of the patients that we treat suffer from post concussion and cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) or stroke. The diagnoses range from stroke recovery, cerebral infarction, vascular dementia to cognitive impairment. Any brain trauma or CVA impacts oxygenation to our most precious organ. HBOT can change the game of recovery for both acute or chronic patients.
We are honored to treat a Sonoma County First Responder.
Gene Cahn is a retired Fire Fighter/EMT whose family brought him to us approximately one year post cardiac surgery. After Gene’s involved surgery, he suffered a stroke and was in a coma for 9 days. During this time, Gene had a tracheotomy. In his families words, “since his coma, he had digressed and was completely like a baby; unable to talk or lift himself up without special equipment (hoyer lift) and caretakers.” In 5 short weeks after receiving HBOT, Eugene, “is not only much more alert and able to concentrate for longer periods of time, he is able to word-search and to engage with others. He can walk short distances, transfer himself from chair to bed and no longer uses the hoyer lift. His appetite has returned.”
He even recounted to one of the Certified Hyperbaric Technologists, his career as a Sonoma County EMT. Charming and gracious, Gene has become quite a kidder. It is an immense pleasure to observe Gene’s healing, knowing what a contribution this is to his wife, children and grandchildren.

Sharon and Eugene Cahn. Eugene is a Retired EMT and our Post Stroke Patient.

Success describes our patient M.M., diagnosed with Amyloidosis, a rare tissue disease. Her disease left her disabled, unable to walk without her walker or drive herself. Fortunately, this loving wife and mother of 2 was surrounded daily by her families’ loving caring attention. She was very frail and symptomatic when we first met her. By her 5th treatment, her gait was described as normal. With the help of HBOT, she progressed greatly towards an improved quality of life. She went from being wheelchair bound, to walking herself into our office unassisted by chairs, canes or others.

A woman in her early 30’s came to us with her chief complaint being “chronic headaches.” She also stated that she suffered from depression, exhaustion, weakness and dizziness. Once the patient started Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy she informed us at her 5th treatment that she felt more social. By her 19th treatment, she stated, “I am doing better”. By treatment, #32, she said, “I Feel GREAT!” This Patient related that HBOT has made such a difference and helped her through her hard time of being so sick. She had improvement in all symptoms with the biggest improvement in depression.

A four year old child with severe cerebral palsy is being treated through our Non-Profit 501c3 “H.O.P.E. for Healing Institute.”
Initially, like a slinky, the child could not hold his head or spine erect and appeared to have no purposeful interaction with the Certified Hyperbaric Technologists (CHT’s).
After 5 weeks of treatment, for the first time in his LIFE, he reached up under his mother’s hair and whispered “I love you” TWICE! Sharing this, brought tears to her eyes.
One week later he was sitting up on his own trying to crawl. As he left our facility that day, the CHT waved goodbye. He got really excited trying, but not succeeding, to return the wave. Then she blew him a kiss and he turned around and blew a kiss back. Our CHT was in disbelief so she did it again and he blew a second kiss…!
The miracles continue…

Julia; wife, mother and ICU Nurse who now sits on our Medical Advisory Board, was debilitated by a car accident.
She suffered 2 strokes with multiple cerebral bleeds limiting her to live with limited light in dark environments and not being able to carry or care for her 3 ear old child. After her final treatment, not only has she regained the quality of her life, but has returned to her job in the ICU and is currently getting her teaching credential. She said to our program director, “Janine! this works. HBOT REALLY WORKS!!”

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, a pain free modality has given Julia her life back!

THANK YOU Gary, for being our courageous HERO of 2018! You are our SuperMan!

Gary is our Oxygen Representative from Complete Welders Supply in Sonoma County. He has been working in Oxygen for 2 decades.

Gary ensures our whole system is piped correctly per CA and National regulations; testing the lines, replacing hoses, going above and beyond what is required ~including making last minute deliveries. Gary is our professional partner. Together we guarantee and commit to our delivery, the QUALITY and the Safety that is our #1 commitment.

Thank you Gary for helping us maintain our high standards and safeguards to be the BEST IN HYPERBARIC MEDICINE and for recognizing we save and change lives for the better- alleviating suffering and Improving Quality If Life. YOU make that possible by being the BEST in quality and service yourself.
More than that your heroism in saving the home of your neighbor and your own home during the Sonoma County Wildfires takes courage, guts, and ACTION.

We are so proud to call you our Oxygen Representative and friend.
With love
The Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery Team

Celebrating with Gratitude for your Healing
Some of our individual winning moments while serving our patients are:
~Claudia writes; loving and laughing with a 5 year old C.P. patient spinning together on our desk stool, while waiting for his mother to change back into her street clothes.

~Our Program director shares; “One of my best friends, Linda, lost her home of 27 years in the Sonoma County Fires. As the fire hit her backyard causing the lights to suddenly go out she fell down her stairs injuring her knee trying to flee.
Now in shock, grief, loss, pain and devastation, a big truck servicing the neighborhood ran over her car WITH HER IN IT! breaking her wrist and causing a serious concussion. Finally getting her into the Hyperbaric Chamber helped her in so many ways – the pain and swelling in her knee had gone away (she had been consulting surgeons) the pain and inflammation in her wrist had reduced by 80% and most dramatically she got her brain back. HBOT helped her settle her nervous system and even get her ambition back. Linda went from limping in pain and not being able to function to being able to go back to work as a Real Estate Agent and even took on the job as a caregiver to her invalid mother. She tells me every time I see her “HBOT gave me my life back.”

~Janine exclaims; “Getting to attend the Art Showing of one of our very special patients, Susan Swartz, at the Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art at UC Davis. To see this lovely patient LIVING her life again and blessing us with her talent is such a gift.

Susan Swartz at her art opening in Davis
~Denora, our beloved Administration Expert states; My favorite work moment this past year was announcing my pregnancy to the staff during our monthly team meeting gifting everyone with yummy cupcakes embellished and “Bump Ahead” toppers!
It is wonderful sharing Baby Layla with you all!

Additional Wins in 2018

~Supporting a very claustrophobic patient during his initial treatments, such that by the end of his 40th treatment he exclaimed “and I am so proud that I really adjusted to my treatments! I felt so cared for and safe.” VG
Why Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is effective:
Read these 22 reasons that HBOT can help you.

For wound healing, HBOT will increase growth factors, endothelial progenaitor cells (EPCs), and stem cell production. (1)

The team of dynamic professionals that make up Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery
Our award winning facility is conveniently located 10 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in our beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

We charge a fraction of the cost, using the same style chambers as a hospital-based Hyperbaric unit.

We would love for you to come and tour our facility. We will prepare the most recent research for your specific diagnosis whenever available.
If YOU or anyone in your family
or anyone in your community might be a candidate, whose quality of life may be greatly improved for with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Please consider this remarkable medicine today.
Call us today for more information or to schedule a consultation with our Medical Hyperbaric Physician.

Advanced Hyperbaric Medical Director, Jacqueline S. Chan, DO
Hyperbaric Physician is Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Family Practice
Dr. Chan shares some tips for this cold and flu season.

Help us alleviate suffering, save or change a life, and especially
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Did you know Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Heals Non-Healing wounds?

Under normal conditions a wound may take 3-14 days to heal and consists of a functioning immune system and adequate supply of growth factors such as fibroblasts, new blood vessels, epidermal cells and more.

When any of the components of the wound healing process are compromised, healing may be delayed. Chronic wounds are those that have failed to follow this sequence and do not achieve a sustained anatomic and functional result.

Because of diminished peripheral blood flow and decreased local neovascularization, diabetic wounds and diabetic foot ulcers, as well as other non healing wounds, occur. Chronic wounds commonly occurring reducing the quality of life of those affected.
Diabetic wounds are a major health problem which affects 15% or the 200 million patients worldwide. (1)
November is National Diabetic Month
Hyperbaric Oxygen can improve the quality of life
in your loved one’s Wound Healing!

Because wound tissues are hypoxic and HBOT brings hyper oxygenation and improved capillary angiogenesis, recurring wounds and ulcers including, irradiated and scarred tissues, DO heal. HBOT markedly increases the overall oxygen gradient of these tissues with the central hypoxic area. The increased oxygen gradient is the essential catalytic factor for angiogenesis.(2)

Thus, HBOT assists in tissue preservation at the the zone of coagulation as occurs in burns and at the sight of the compromised graft or skin flap. (3)


    • Diabetic Ulcers
    • Bed Sores
    • Vascular Insufficiency Ulcers
    • Compromised Amputation Sites
    • Limb Salvage
    • Clostridial Myonecrosis and Necrotising Soft Tissue Infections
    • Fournier’s Gangrene
    • Crush injury; Compartment Syndrome
    • Plastic Surgery
    • Compromised Skin Flaps
    • Thermal Burns
    • Radiation Induced Wounds
  • Radiation Cystitis or Proctitis

Today several approved applications and indications exist
for HBOT as a successful adjunctive therapy for wound healing of all kinds.(3)

Why Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is effective:
HBOT will increase growth factors, endothelial progenaitor cells (EPCs), and stem cell production, to play a key role in wound healing.(5) For people with chronic wounds due to diabetes, HBOT will reduce the size of their wounds and may reduce their number of major amputations.

Our Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) uses 100% medical grade oxygen in hard steel chambers to pressurize our patients at greater than atmospheric pressure. HBOT is designed to increase the supply of oxygen and reverse hypoxia to wounds that are not responding to other treatments.

For more information assessing the benefits of adjunctive HBOT for treating chronic ulcers of the lower limb, Read on…

HBOT heals wounds large or small ANYWHERE on or in the body.
Angiogenesis is the key

Other benefits include:

    • Increased oxygen tension allows greater capillary oxygen diffusion distances and increases oxygen-dependant killing of anaerobes by leukocytes.
    • HBOT is appropriate with many of the other adjunct therapies that help in wound healing.
    • Better tolerance to surgical wounding prior to surgery
    • saving a limb from amputation or resulting in less loss.
  • Freedom from pain

Please read this testimony of a young man with a non healing diabetic wound.

I have very poor circulation to my toes from having diabetes for 42 years. Post surgery on my middle toe I had an incision that wasn’t healing. When everything we tried failed, my doctor advised me to look into hyperbaric oxygen therapy as form of healing.

I had a total of 10 treatments. After the initial few treatments I felt more throbbing in my toe where hadn’t had much feeling. My doctor said that this is from improved circulation. I saw an improvement after one week. By the 8th treatment the wound closed and began to disappear. I’m now fully healed and able to wear a shoe on my foot and walk without pain.

I would recommend this form of treatment to anyone who has wounds that just won’t heal. I’m a firm advocate and believer in HBOT. I’m so grateful that there are places like Hyperbaric Oxygen Recovery to help people. I had nothing but positive experiences. The location was easy for my commute. Entering a pleasant atmosphere and being cared for by people who really do care for their patients helped me feel safe and loved.Thank you so much! signed, M.G.

Grandmother avoids amputation and regains independance!
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a painless, outpatient, physician referred, healing therapy. Our exclusive, medical grade, hard chamber technology increases the “oxygen gradient” in damaged, oxygen starved tissues, acting as a “cellular energy catapult.”
Our award winning facility is conveniently located 10 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in our beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

We charge a fraction of the cost, using the same style chambers as a hospital-based Hyperbaric unit.

We would love for you to come and tour our facility. We will prepare the most recent research for your specific diagnosis whenever available.
If YOU or anyone in your family
or anyone in your community might be a candidate, whose quality of life may be greatly improved for with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Please consider this remarkable medicine today.
Call us today for more information or to schedule a consultation with our Medical Hyperbaric Physician.

Jacqueline S. Chan, DO
Hyperbaric Physician is Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Family Practice

Help us alleviate suffering, save or change a life, and especially
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Did You know Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can help with bone health and healing?

Non-union/Non healing bones
& the Benefits of HBOT

Bone Healing can be delayed or stopped altogether by extensive trauma, bone loss, infection, ageing, premature mobilization, diabetes and osteonecrosis (a disease caused by reduced blood flow to bones in the joints, leading to bone death and breakdown). To read more.
Young athletes as well as elderly diabetics can have non-union or non-healing fractures. These factors can cause chronic pain and disability for patients. In these circumstances, re-establishing the structural integrity of the bones can be a major challenge for doctors.
Oxygen is an essential material for cell metabolism, and reparative processes. Cell proliferation and collagen synthesis have an especially increased demand for oxygen. Evidence from animal and cell line studies has shown that HBOT, the administration of pure oxygen at pressures greater than 1 ATA, results in increased growth factor production. (1)

HBOT is known to stimulate the production of collagen, a tough, fibrous material that fills the space between broken bones and helps ‘knit’ them back together. Hyperbaric oxygen also promotes fast growth of new capillaries in affected areas, which in turn brings more oxygen and nutrients to the bones.

In particular, additional hyperbaric oxygen increases production of osteoblasts and osteoclasts, the cells vital for bone growth, healing and the removal of old, dead bone. Numerous animal studies have demonstrated that osteoblasts and osteoclasts are exquisitely reactive to increased oxygen. In 2007, D. Wu et al conducted an experiment for Connective Tissue Research , investigating in vitro the effects of hyperbaric oxygen on osteoblasts, the cells responsible for synthesizing bone. They observed that HBOT stimulated proliferation of osteoblasts, providing direct cellular evidence that HBOT is effective for fracture healing and bone growth.
Cancer Patients; Did you know that radiation may cause delayed bone death in the areas that were treated?

Deformation of the jaw boned due to radiation
Radiation therapy is a common treatment modality for head and neck cancer. This high-dose radiation therapy although necessary, can induce many side effects. (2)
Surgical interventions in irradiated fields may also result in infections, delayed healing and dehiscence (gaping wounds). One of the most severe complications of radiation therapy is osteoradionecrosis (ORN), bone death caused by radiation therapy which can occur during or after treatment.

ORN is generally defined clinically as the presence of “exposed irradiated bone tissue that fails to heal over a period of 4 months without a residual or recurrent tumor.” (2)

The main problem with radiation injury is hypoxia. In 1983, Robert E Marx DDS presented the 3-H concept, stipulating that progressive fibrosis and obliterative endarteritis lead to a hypovascular, hypocellular and hypoxic environment (hence the name 3-H).(3), (4)

Where there is hypoxia from radiation, early tissue damage occurring a few weeks to a few months and late tissue damage which is more severe and considered irreversible can occur several months to years following irradiation.The “Marx Protocol” has supported many patients with success from ORN.(4)
Why Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is effective is because it reverses Hypoxia to the tissue!

Benefits of HBO2

    • Vascular improvement (5)
    • Expedited healing of ORN
    • Better tolerance to surgical wounding prior to oral surgery
    • Prevention of mandibular necrosis as a result of tooth extraction
    • Freedom from pain
    • Restoration of mandibular function and wearing of dental appliances, if needed
  • Maintenance of intact mucosa and skin over all bone (6)

By using the Marx protocols in the treatment of ORN, more than 95 per cent of patients can be successfully cured of their disease with predictable, functional and aesthetically acceptable outcomes. (7)
Australia’s largest study consisting of 276 consecutive patients treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy for chronic radiation-induced tissue injuries. (read more)

“In April 2018 I was sent to Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery (AHR) due to post-radiation (2012 throat cancer) dental issues specifically 3 teeth needing to be extracted but with great concerns (of non healing ) due to osteoradionecrosis. The Marx Protocol (30 hyperbaric sessions pre-extractions/10 sessions post-extractions) was recommended by both my UCSF dental doctor and my Kaiser maxillofacial doctor. During the day after my 24th hyperbaric session the primary painful molar fell out naturally no problems and complete closure & healing! After the 30th session the 2nd molar was extracted with the same: no problem, closure, healing!! And the 3rd molar seemed to have firmed up/strengthened and my UCSF dental doctor & I agreed “Let’s leave it in & use it (chewing)!” I could not have dreamed up a better outcome — THANK YOU ADVANCED HYPERBARIC RECOVERY!! signed, Randon (SF Inner Richmond District)

(to read more from this patient….)

The treatment of delayed radiation injuries is one of 13 conditions approved by the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Committee of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) as an indication for hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2). (8)
Because of this proven research, most insurance companies will cover Post Radiation HBOT in a Medical Grade Facility

Hyperbaric Oxygen can help heal Osteomyelitis. Chronic refractory osteomyelitis (CRO), is a persistent or recurrent bone infection lasting longer than six months despite appropriate surgical and medical therapy, such as debridement and intravenous antibiotics.(9)
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is associated with remission rates of 81 to 85 percent at two to three years in patients with CRO.
The mechanism of action of hyperbaric oxygen in osteomyelitis is an indirect one of improving local vascularity and potentiating phagocytosis. (10)
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a painless, outpatient, physician referred, healing therapy. Our exclusive, medical grade, hard chamber technology increases the “oxygen gradient” in damaged, oxygen starved tissues, acting as a “cellular energy catapult.”
A recent patient with a post radiation non-healing wound shares this; “As a result of my stage 4 tongue cancer, radiation treatments and teeth removal, I had a non-healing jaw wound. Prior to additional tooth extraction surgery, my Maxillofacial Surgeon in Oakland referred me to Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery to receive 40 treatments:
30 treatments before tooth extraction surgery then 10 after.
Because I am extremely claustrophobic, this seemed impossible. The entire staff were exceptional, professional and very caring. They made my whole experience comfortable from the first time I was “wheeled into the chamber,” till my final treatment. I never suffered.
My sense of well being and reduction of anxiety was amazing.
I was extremely impressed with the facility. The location was convenient to visit. The facility was clean and comforting and made me feel secure and relaxed.
After treatment 30, I had surgery then returned for 10 more treatments. The skin over my jaw was healing for the first time due to the Hyperbaric treatments.
I absolutely would recommend Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery to my friends.
signed, Vance G., (Novato CA)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for ORN is covered by many of your insurance carriers. Please call yours today to find out!
Our award winning facility is located 10 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

We charge a fraction of the cost, using the same style chambers as a hospital-based Hyperbaric unit. Our chambers are hard steel with acrylic windows and are pressurized with 100% medical grade oxygen.

We would love for you to come and tour our facility. We will prepare the most recent research for your specific diagnosis whenever available.
If YOU or anyone in your family
or anyone in your community might be a candidate, whose quality of life may be greatly improved for with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Please consider this remarkable medicine today.
Call us today for more information or to schedule a consultation with our Medical Hyperbaric Physician.

Jacqueline S. Chan, DO
Hyperbaric Physician is Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Family Practice