Pain Reduction with HBOT

November 20, 2021

The pain relief benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) have been proven by thorough research over the  years. When cells are being given a greater oxygen supply, inflammation is reduced, stem cell production is increased 8 fold, and nerve endings are repaired so the healing can become more efficient. Thus, the patient’s pain from the injury decreases over time as they heal. 

One simply cannot go to any oxygen chamber for these pain reducing benefits. A patient needs to go to a medical grade hyperbaric facility operated by licensed medical professionals that is well maintained to the highest standards. The chambers must use medical grade oxygen and be at proven pressures so the patient can receive the best benefits from the medical grade hard chambers. If these systems are in place, the FDA approves Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)  for certain conditions. 

The science of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been around for 350 years. HBOT has been proven to decrease pain in many different types of pain syndromes, such as those caused by injury, non-healing wounds, burns, sonic injuries, radiation damage, infection injury and much more.  According to a pilot study,, HBOT significantly reduced pain in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients. Range of motion also increases when inflammation is lowered. Along with RA pain, HBOT is being researched to help with other conditions like lupus, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. HBOT at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC can improve Quality of Life for many patients. 

As with RA, HBOT is being considered for those suffering from Lyme Disease. Not only does the increased oxygen kill the bacteria, but HBOT also helps the patients reduce  their suffering from the disease as well, improving their quality of life. Gayle L was a patient at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, and discovered she had Lyme Disease. “When I came in for my first treatment and met the rest of the team- I knew I was going to be okay and well taken care of no matter who was in the driver’s seat!…I thought for a few days that I had a temperature because I just felt “warm” inside. I realized I hadn’t felt what it felt like for my immune system and body to be working- I am feeling what “normal” feels like.” Gayle described that she began to feel much better after session 30. Talk to your doctor or to one of our physicians to see if your condition could benefit from HBOT, and our team can answer your  questions on how it can reduce your inflammation and aid in the healing process. 

The sooner the patient discovers HBOT, the faster healing can occur, and pain cycles can be improved or stopped all together. You have the ability to help others alleviate suffering right now, share this information and change lives.  

HBOT facilitates pain reduction by reducing swelling, and increasing
stem cell production 8-fold.

For our patients’ benefit, Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, is contracted with many insurance companies, who pay for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy depending on the condition that needs to be treated. There are a number of FDA approved conditions that indicate when HBOT is covered by insurance. Other situations and conditions are undergoing  research,  testing, and pier review.

See the list below of the insurance covered conditions: 

  • Non-healing Wounds
  • Post Radiation Effects
  • Air or gas Embolism
  • Acute Traumatic Ischemia
  • Acute Anemia, Exceptional Blood Loss Anemia
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Comprised Skin Flaps
  • Cyanide Poisoning
  • Decompression Sickness
  • Gas Gangrene
  • Necrotizing Infections
  • Radiation Effects
  • Some Cases of Osteomyelitis
  • Some Non-Healing Wounds, Diabetes, Diabetic Foot
  • Thermal or Extensive Burns

Some  HBOT facilities are not covered by insurance. Their staff are not Nationally Certified or educated in Hyperbaric Medicine, their physicians are not credentialed by Insurance Companies or back ground checks, and they are not using equipment regulated by the FDA. Do your research as to which facility can be covered by your insurance. According to, “The FDA regulates both the oxygen used in HBOT and the hyperbaric chambers…” We make sure to cover all the bases on our end to give the patient the most high quality, best  and safest HBOT experience while following hospital standards of care.

Here are just a few of the Insurance Companies that Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC is contracted with:

  • United Health Care
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Anthem Blue Cross

There are some questions you can ask your insurance provider before beginning your HBOT treatment. Does your provider cover your specific condition under HBOT? What cost do they cover? How many HBOT treatments will your insurance cover or provide for you?  Once your provider approves your treatment, you may either have to pay a copay or use your deductible depending on the policy that you chose. Many times the patient pays nothing out of pocket.

We have a billing team that rocks in dealing with insurance coverage, they have made the process as simple as possible to get insurance to cover Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy when warranted.

What is the process for getting started? First, IF you have a condition that is approved by your insurance, one of our very experienced physicians in Hyperbaric Medicine will do a thorough medical history, current symptom and medications review and if warranted will prescribe HBOT treatment for you.

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC takes the appropriate steps to be approved, beginning with our health and safety regulations, the medical grade  oxygen we use and the medical grade hard chambers operated by our Licensed and certified staff. If you or someone you know could benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy, please let them know that we take  insurance! It is a wonderful benefit for patients when insurance can cover treatment.

Vance G. of Novato suffered post-radiation effects of stage 4 tongue cancer which kept his jaw from healing. He stated, “Radiation and teeth removal from my stage 4 tongue cancer treatments affected my jaw from healing…the staff was exceptional. They were all professional and very caring. It made my whole experience comfortable.” The full testimonial is on our website, under “Testimonials.” People every day are discovering the simplicity of hyperbaric medicine, with very real results. Here at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC we set the highest standards for our patients. Please schedule a consultation today! 

If you have Kaiser, Medicare, United Health Care, Anthem Blue Cross, and Canopy,
HBOT can be covered by your insurance under specific conditions

Here at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, you, the patient, are our number one priority. That means our facility has  high safety and sanitation standards. We make sure that our center, staff, and equipment all meet and exceed health and safety standards followed by all Major Hyperbaric Units in Hospitals. 

Everything must work together in order for you to experience the best possible results with HBOT. This includes safety inspections, and disinfection procedures. Staff undergo daily health screenings, and N95 or greater face masks must be worn at all times inside. A third party inspector is involved to review all safety systems. 

The building itself is up to date with  earthquake and NFPA fire safety codes. Staff members make daily, weekly and monthly inspections of the facility and equipment. Our staff is trained in cleaning and disinfecting the hyperbaric chambers according to CDC, CAL OSHA and hospital standards. We use CDC approved agents, UVC light sterilization, HEPA Air scrubbers with UVC filtration, ionic filtration and anti microbial ducting.

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC hires wonderful individuals that are highly trained in Hyperbaric Medicine by board certified institutions. Our Medical Director is a physician with more than a decade of experience in Hyperbaric Medicine, to apply the best practices possible. The technicians working the HBOT chambers are EMT or Paramedic Certified Hyperbaric Technicians to assist with struggling patients. 

The chambers we use are steel and acrylic chambers able to go to the  depth and pressure necessary for Nationally Proven protocols. There is copper piping for the oxygen that is silver soldered, and many HBOT centers do not do this. There is a 5-point safety manifold system that regulates pressure for each chamber. We are an HBOT facility that cares about our patients, we regularly do safety drills and emergency evacuations for facility and community preparedness.

All patients must come to our facility with a NEGATIVE COVID test regardless of vaccinations. As for our patients, masks are required and so are temperature checks. A staff member will ask daily screening questions to see whether you have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19, or experience symptoms before you even come into our facility. Next, vitals are taken before the patient is given their own 100% cotton scrubs to change into.

Once in the chamber the patient is able to communicate to staff members the whole time during their HBOT treatment. For your safety daily symptom ratings are taken and communicated to our Medical Director. Your information is safe with us too! Patient information is strictly confidential at our facility and is only communicated through a HIPAA Compliant EHR system. Schedule a consultation with one of our staff members so you can get started on your HBOT therapy. We look forward to speaking with you!

We keep our facility up to the highest safety standards.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 1 in 8 women in the US will get a breast cancer diagnosis, and the risk increases in women over 40. Almost everyone knows someone who suffers from breast cancer. Some people develop breast cancer via genetic and environmental factors. Risk factors can include obesity, and drinking alcohol. Regular self exams and mammograms are essential for every woman to detect breast cancer at an early stage. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT helps patients with breast cancer in so many ways. Some cancer patients can experience post radiation effects with radiotherapy treatments, and HBOT from 100% medical grade hyperbaric chambers will be able to treat the radiated tissue after late effects of radiation therapy (LERT). Tissue damage can occur even years after the patient’s cancer treatment. This is when HBOT can be extremely beneficial to the patient, by supplying the oxygen needed to the cells in order to heal. 

HBOT can shorten the inflammatory process, thereby treating non-healing wounds. It increases oxygenation to white blood cells to promote vasoconstriction. It speeds up the rate of healing in cells. This helps the cells strengthen collagen, supporting wound healing. It is thought that late radiation tissue injury (LRTI) is caused by fibro-atophic processes in the cells. HBOT increases the white blood cells to that area of the body, and according to, all patients in the trial reported decrease in pain after the trial. It was observed that HBOT works most efficiently as soon as radiotherapy is complete or an LRTI is noticed. 

HBOT helps lower pain in post radiation and surgical sites, and reduces swelling. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the white blood cells needed to stimulate the immune response after cancer treatment. Margaret went to Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC after radiotherapy for breast cancer. She said, “Following my Radiation for a Lumpectomy from Breast Cancer, I suffered a very heavy radiation burn with much swelling. My whole breast and 1/2 of my chest was very, very hot, dark red, burgundy and almost purple…The scar was raised and painful…Finally I started treatment at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery…The huge thick scar itself flattened out and became non-existent. Last week my Mammogram Radiology Tech asked me, “You did have surgery, right?!” Because she could NOT find the scar! She was amazed at my healing! I have my energy back and I am so thankful – it was worth it! The staff at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery on scale from 1-10 is a 10+++! They are caring, informative, and empathetic and really helped me through the process. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for true medical grade Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.” 

Many complications can arise from traditional cancer treatment, and HBOT is a painless, noninvasive and relaxing option for many people. Contact us if you have any questions or if you or someone you love has breast cancer, and they need to know the benefits of HBOT.

1 in 8 women get diagnosed with breast cancer. HBOT can help!

Our Goal Is Your Safety

October 6, 2021

Here at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, your safety is our priority when you visit our facility. We are a by appointment clinic, and will remain 10 feet of distance between staff at all times. Everyone is health screened daily, and we are vigilant when it comes to hand washing and sanitizing equipment. Our front doors remain locked. Staff is well trained in current Covid-19 procedures. Our facility does not treat  patients with Covid-19, for the safety of staff and other patients. 

When a patient enters our facility, they will be required to wear a mask. The patient is required to take their temperature, and sanitize hands upon entering. While the patient is still in their car they will call in and a staff member will ask health screening questions to see if the patient has been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 or has symptoms themselves. Once in the building, the air ventilation system is equipped with virus killing air scrubbers and air ventilation. Items a patient may bring to our facility is limited at this time. At this point, one patient is admitted at a time. The hyperbaric chambers are cleaned before and after each patient. 

Once you make an appointment with us, your HBOT experience will continue to be enjoyable and relaxing as we can make it during these times. HBOT is a wonderful way to heal post surgery and post radiation, so we are taking the right steps to ensure your safety. You will be given a white bag upon arrival to put in items such as your bag, clothing and shoes. Patients will be given 100% cotton scrubs to wear during their visit. When leaving, patients will apply hand sanitizer again. 

These trying times are unheard of for most of us. Our health is a public concern, and here at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC we want you to be able to make the right decision about HBOT and how it impacts your own health. That is why we are here, to provide a service that is little discussed as a viable healing option for many conditions that are listed on our website, at this section

Taking care of our own health and family’s health is essential to preventing more outbreaks of Covid-19. Exercise, eat right, and drinking plenty of water are pivotal in maintaining good health. The medical community is realizing what the benefits of 100% medical grade hyperbaric chambers can do. These are exciting times for patients as HBOT is accepted by most insurance companies, as more and more doctors are recommending their patients receive HBOT after their conventional medicine therapies. Please call our facility, or contact us online to make a telemedicine video appointment with one of our knowledgeable staff members so we can discuss your HBOT treatment.

We remain vigilant in the face of this pandemic.

Ovarian cancer patients need to know about HBOT! According to the CDC, ovarian cancer is the second most common gynecological cancer. It is vital for patients to begin treatment as soon as possible, so knowing the symptoms is crucial. A few of these symptoms include abdominal swelling, quickly feeling full, weight loss, fatigue and back pain. Women need to check with their doctor regularly and discuss any potential symptoms. Once diagnosed, any and all options must be considered, including oxygen therapy from Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC.

People think that cancer cells thrive on oxygen, and therefore oxygen therapy would not benefit the patient. But, low oxygen in cells may be a cause for cancer growth. “Low oxygen levels in a cell interrupt the activity of oxidative phosphorylation, a term for the highly efficient way that cells normally use to convert food to energy,” according to Hypoxia, which is low oxygen levels, is present in many cancer cells, including ovarian cancers. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is covered by most insurance, but it is not considered a cancer treatment; HBOT can work in conjunction with most cancer treatments and benefit a large number of people with post radiation effects.

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC wants people to understand what HBOT can do for ovarian cancer patients. If you or a loved one suffers from post radiation cystitis, vaginitis, and proctitis with hematuria, HBOT can significantly heal these issues. We will work with your medical team as part of your recovery process, giving your cells 100% oxygen which they need. HBOT is a relaxing experience, and many patients experience faster recovery using the 100% medical grade chambers at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC.

The most recent research indicates that patients responded favorably to HBOT and with little to no side effects. Some of these side effects include eye and ear problems, but they resolve themselves soon after treatment is ended.

Glenda Sales, a patient at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, took the time to investigate with her doctors what HBOT could do. “…I did my own research but I did bring it to my doctors and they were all in agreement that what I needed was a hard chamber in order to facilitate enough pressure and oxygen to reach my areas that needed to be treated. Do your research and get affiliated with somebody like Advance Hyperbaric Recovery because they have the highest chambers that are available right now on the market and because they are solid they can put you at a pressure and a type of oxygen that will penetrate this is very important because this is where the actual healing happens.” She wanted to get back to her life, and HBOT made recovery possible. Toward the end of her treatments, she was able to sit and walk comfortably! Glenda was able to live a full life after the complications from radiation. Once you see how affective HBOT can be, see if it will work for you and your symptoms. Call or email us today and we can schedule a consultation.

Low oxygen, or hypoxia, can lead to cancer growth. HBOT improves conditions by saturating the
body with oxygen.

September is the time to acknowledge men suffering with prostate cancer. Cancer of the prostate occurs when cells begin to form in the prostate gland. It is a type of cancer where it can spread throughout the body as well, and it occurs mostly in men ages 65 or over. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is used to manage radiation induced proctitis and cystitis. Patients who get diagnosed with prostate cancer will undergo radiotherapy of the pelvic area. Complications can arise after treatment. This is where hyperbaric oxygen therapy comes in play, and the staff at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC is available to answer any questions you may have.

5-15% of patients after radiation therapy may have complications such as cystitis. Cystitis includes symptoms such as hematuria, incontinence, and increased urinary frequency. Evidence is growing for pure oxygen therapy from medical grade pressure chambers for men with prostate cancer. Every 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, and it is imperative that men know the treatments available in the medical community. HBOT improves the negative effects from cancer treatment and decreases the likelihood of mortality.

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC has staff that is highly trained at working with patients who have suffered from radiation effects from their cancer treatment. Oxygen therapy is even approved by the FDA and can be paid for by insurance! Damaged cells need oxygen to replicate, and breathing 100% pure oxygen reduces pain, and heals the damaged tissue even around the affected site. “HBOT has gained great clinical recognition over the decade,” according to More patients need to know about this wonderful healing method post surgery. HBOT has been tested to decrease the growth rate of cancer cells, and “increase sensitivity to anti-cancer agents” according to

There have been studies on HBOT and cancer to see what would happen to a cancer cell when exposed to 100% oxygen, like in the pressure chambers of Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC. Not only does hyperbaric therapy have no effect on increasing the cancer cells, it is being discovered that HBOT can deliver oxygen safely not only to the cancer, but to the entire body. Radiation therapy and surgical cancer treatments take care of the cancer, but that leaves the body with scar tissue that needs to be healed. HBOT takes care of the complications from treatment in a safe manner with little to no side effects.

Oxygen therapy from medical grade chambers is the only way this can be done. Cheaper oxygen therapy chambers will not be as effective as 100% oxygen. There are different chambers for different applications of oxygen therapy. Choose the correct one for your condition. Speak to your medical team to see if your treatments should include HBOT with 100% oxygen! Contact the team at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC and we will work with your doctors in order to speed up your recovery, and keep you in remission from your cancer. We are honored to offer this treatment and be part of your health journey.

Alleviate pain caused by cystitis and proctitis with HBOT.

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

September 24, 2021

Recovery is part of the journey to good health, and it is imperative that people look at health differently. At Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, we believe that taking care of yourself, healing yourself back to optimum health, helps heal the world. Mark Nepo said, “When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.” When we are at our best, we can participate in our communities and live life to the fullest. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps heal many conditions approved by the FDA such as non-healing wounds, exceptional blood anemia, and carbon monoxide poisoning. This month of September we will be focusing on how hyperbaric therapy can benefit you and your loved ones. 

Hyperbaric therapy helps to heal the wound from the inside out, as the patient breathes 100% Medical Grade oxygen from the  hyperbaric chamber under slight pressure. HBOT reduces swelling from the wound, and heals the surrounding tissue. Injuries need oxygen to heal, and with a medical grade chamber, hyperbaric therapy is essential for healing many conditions. Depending on the issue, a patient will need several treatments. 

Staff at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC will be present at all times, monitoring the session. The staff is expertly trained in the medical oxygen chambers, to keep you safe and to give appropriate feedback for your sessions. Gina Kitania stated that “I had the great good fortune to encounter  Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery because I had orthopedic issues…ever since then, my recovery times from exertion or exercise are so much shorter.” She recommends her pre and post op patients to get hyperbaric recovery treatments. HBOT is a safe and effective way to get yourself back on your feet to complete recovery. 

The medical grade chambers heal wounds faster when the patient breathes 100% Medical Grade Oxygen, instead of any percentage less than that in nonmedical chambers. Many people use hyperbaric chambers, such as scuba divers, fire fighters, athletes, CEO’s and celebrities . People who need to recover from surgery can do so by reducing swelling and pain, giving oxygen to the whole body, which will help the surgery site recover. 

Hyperbaric therapy is sometimes the last piece in the puzzle for a person with chronic conditions to begin a life of healing. When a person heals from old wounds, a lingering infection, or detoxes from a toxic exposure, physically, they can move forward in life. WIthout chronic pain, a person can live life to the fullest and then help those around them better than ever before. 

There are numerous benefits to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, including collagen production to help skin conditions. HBOT can help with cell repair,  and skin cell damage. Hyperbaric therapy has been called “the fountain of youth” with good reason. Oxygen can benefit stem cells by doubling your stem cell production with one hyperbaric session and increasing your stem cell production 8-FOLD with 20 consecutive sessions.  This action is also motivating the bone marrow to stimulate the osteoclasts and osteoblasts in the bone to heal fractures more completely and grow new bone stronger. 

At Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC we encourage patients to ask questions on what we can do for them. You can send us an email or give a phone call and a knowledgeable staff member will help you begin your journey. Making the commitment to hyperbaric therapy is committing to improving your quality of life. And remember, when you heal yourself, you also heal the world.

There are numerous healing benefits from HBOT. It is a safe, noninvasive treatment that
can improve over a dozen health conditions.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, is a treatment that helps heal wounds and boosts the body’s immune system through pure oxygen. Specifically, patients in hyperbaric oxygen chambers breathe oxygen in air pressure levels 1.5 to 3 times higher than usual. This increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, which carries oxygen-rich plasma to wounded tissue.

Medical professionals have used HBOT for decades to treat decompression sickness from deep-sea scuba diving and carbon monoxide poisoning. Now, clinical trials show that HBOT might benefit long-haul COVID-19 patients, halting the progression of the virus and related pneumonia, rejuvenating hypoxic organs, and accelerating the body’s natural healing process.

What Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Do?

First used in the early 20th century, HBOT has proven an effective treatment for ill scuba divers, people such as firefighters and miners suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, and patients who need specialized wound care. Medicare, Medicaid, and many insurance companies generally cover HBOT for numerous conditions, including:

  • Cyanide poisoning
  • Compromised skin grafts and flaps
  • Gas gangrene (where gas collects in tissues)
  • Traumatic or acute inadequate arterial blood flow
  • Osteomyelitis (infection in a bone)
  • Air or gas embolism (air or gas trapped in a blood vessel)
  • Necrotizing soft tissue infection (also called flesh-eating disease)
  • Tough-to-heal diabetic wounds

What Happens During HBOT?

During HBOT, you just need to breathe. Patients enter a hyperbaric chamber in which they can sit, lie, or relax comfortably and take deep breaths of pure oxygen for up to two hours. The blood carries extra oxygen throughout the body, infusing injured tissues so they can heal.

People who use these types of chambers report feeling pressure in their ears, similar to flying on an airplane or climbing in high altitudes, but swallowing or chewing gum removes the pressure. Other side effects are mild, including claustrophobia, lightheadedness, headaches, and fatigue.

How Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Help Long-Haul COVID-19 Patients?

During the pandemic, hospitals in China and the United States have used HBOT to treat dozens of critically ill COVID-19 patients with pneumonia, severe breathlessness, and multiple high-risk factors including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. After a short cycle of HBOT, patients consistently have made swift and full recoveries.

The World Health Organization has officially recognized and classified HBOT as a drug-free, non-invasive treatment for COVID-19. HBOT is FDA-approved for a variety of tissue ailments and respiratory disorders associated with COVID-19.

Although, as an outpatient facility, we at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery, do not treat currently infected COVID-19 patients, we have successfully treated long-haul patients—those who now test negative for COVID-19 but still have debilitating symptoms. Many have returned to work in high-profile and demanding positions.

Learn More About HBOT at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery

Only a healthcare provider should prescribe HBOT. Anyone interested in HBOT at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery must have a written prescription and protocol written by a California licensed physician. Each person must meet with our medical director before starting this treatment to rule out any contraindications.

For more information, please call us at (415) 785-8652.

Do You Have Cardiac Ischemia or Reperfusion Injury?

Ischemic Heart Disease
Ischemia-Reperfusion IRI is a risk following vascular or cardiovascular reperfusion procedures and post compartment syndrome fasciotomies. The severity depends on a combination of degree and duration of the occlusion and extent and type of tissue involved by the affected watershed area of capillary or arteriolar distribution.(1)
The following events occur with IRI:

  • Tissue injury with tissue hypoxia and/or death from this initial ischemic insult occurs.
  • Interrupted blood flow.
  • Direct traumatic tissue injuries.
  • Pressure induced injuries.
  • Cold injuries or burns.
  • Embolic, thrombotic, or localized inflammatory occlusion insults.
  • Once circulation is restored, a secondary* recurrent ischemic effect may occur within the following 4 to 8 hours.
  • Cell death can continue for up to 3 days.
  • The release of endothelial chemotactic substances initiated by the original injury or insult creates an intravascular inflammatory response.

*This inflammatory response is at least partially responsible for further vascular occlusion of downstream tissues from edema. It is worsened by additional release from the second round of reactive oxygen species generated by the freshly oxygenated blood in an affected region that is depleted of protective free radical scavengers responding to the initial insult.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, if initiated early, has been found to ameliorate the damaging effects of reperfusion by:

  • Early modulation of inflammation. (2)
  • Maintenance of metabolic function in downstream tissues.(2)
  • Reintroduction of oxidation scavengers.(3)

HBOT has potential clinical applications to treat ischemic pathologies.(4) The rationale and effects for using HBOT for reperfusion injury is demonstrated in a 1998 paper in the American Urological Journal , and in another study done by Departments of Internal Medicine, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, Pathology, Nephrology, and Pediatrics, The Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Haydarpasa Training Hospital; Kadikoy in Istanbul, Turkey, demonstrated HBO showing marked improvement in tissue lesions’ healing

While HBOT has been studied after acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in conjunction with stenting/angioplasty and/or alteplase (tPA) administration, Eugene R. Worth, MD, M.Ed., FABA, ABPM/UHM, a board-certified anesthesiologist specialized in cardiac and vascular anesthesia, shares in this extensive article why he, as a doctor states the following:
“If I were scheduled to have an angioplasty/stenting or a CABG procedure, I would DEFINITELY approach the hyperbaric physician and cardiologist about having a standard wound healing HBOT treatment.

HBOT treatments:

  • Reduces risk of death.
  • Preserves more myocardial tissue.
  • Reduces intensive care unit (ICU) stay.
  • Reduces overall blood loss.
  • Preserves ejection fraction.
  • Reduces restenosis rates.
  • Promotes the VEGF-induced enhancement of antioxidant; endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS). (5)

With the genomic production of many antioxidants and scavengers during HBOT, these catalysts affect mitogenic and anti-apoptotic actions to preserve the integrity of endothelium, thereby improving blood supply to ischemic tissues.

Hyperbaric oxygen reduces Ischemia-Reperfusion effects by interrupting leukocyte adhesion on the vascular walls, thereby diminishing inflammatory effects while inducing free radical scavengers to block further damage to the tissue as well as promotes the VEGF-induced enhancement of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS). All the while, hyperbaric oxygen supports metabolic function through high concentration oxygen diffusion.

For First Time, Data Demonstrates Promise of Regenerative Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Protocols to Improve Cardiac Function in Healthy Aging Heart Population. (6)

Drs. co-authored this research done at The Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research at Assaf Harofe Medical; one of the largest Hyperbaric centers worldwide.

“As we age, a decrease in mitochondrial function occurs throughout the body, impacting the functionality of organs, including the heart,” said Shai Efrati, MD, Director of the Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research, Shamir Medical Center, and study co-author. “For the first time in humans, using our HBOT protocol, we have demonstrated the possibility of heart functionality improvement in healthy, aging people. The results of this study are in accordance with other studies demonstrating that HBOT can improve mitochondrial function.” (7)

Hyperbaric Oxygen, Vasculogenic Stem Cells, and Wound Healing

Authors; Katina M. Fosen and Stephen R. Thom offer this HBOT research because hyperoxia has effects of a number of cell signaling events that converge to influence cell recruitment/chemotaxis and gene regulation/ protein synthesis responses which mediate wound healing. As shown in above research, this research reiterates the following:

  • Stem cells proliferation.
  • HBOT can induce angiogenesis in different body organs.
  • Wound- healing events related to elevated synthesis of nitric oxide.
  • Nitric oxide plays a central role in synthesizing VEGF (45), cytokines, and growth factors
  • Gene regulation/protein synthesis. The interruption of blood flow associated with acute injuries rapidly causes wound hypoxia, which contributes to stabilization of hypoxia-inducible factors (HIF).

As seen in the table above, beneficial HBOT starts a cascade of genomic events where Nitric Acid (NO) increases and anti inflammatory growth factors are released to synthesize and produce more and more growth factors. All of these genetic changes alter the bodies ability to fight AND decrease inflammation as well as decrease the pro-inflammatory precursors. (8)
The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society
has a list of approved indications for HBO therapy. (9)
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Advanced Hyperbaric Medical Director, Jacqueline S. Chan, DO
Hyperbaric Physician is Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
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