Here at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery, it is our honor and privilege to serve any and all First Responder and Firefighters. In our most recent NorthBay Area Fire, many of these men and women have literally worked 9 days straight, off one shift and back on for 48 hours or more. Thankfully, this fire has ended, but many continue to suffer from fatigue, smoke and poisenous gas inhalation and other respiratory issues. Our Firefighters and First Responders didn’t want to leave this fight, even knowing many of their homes were gone.
Jeff, wants you to know “we have an excellent Fire Department! and we still got over run by the fire due to the 70 mph winds and embers flying in every direction.” When Jeff came to Advanced Hyperbaric with symptoms of headache, extreme fatigue, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and more, we knew he needed our help. Knowing the protocol for Jeff, we had the great pleasure to support him recovering from the above symptoms. We want to help, knowing we can not remove the grief or suffering of this heart aching disaster we can still provide medical life saving care.

We are seeking donations to support
All Firefighters and First Responders
who put their life on the line fighting recent fires in Sonoma, Mendocino, Marin and Napa County.

H.O.P.E. for Healing Institute’s mission is to alleviate suffering and improve quality of life through Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy! Please help us help those Firefighters and First Responders who have taken care of our communities.

HOPE for Healing Institute, a a501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Tax ID #26-4647649

For more information or donations by check:
HOPE for Healing Institute
900 Larkspur LandingCircle, Ste. 115
arkspur, CA 94939

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These photos were taken by a first responder in Santa Rosa
Fires are burning throughout Our NorthBay of California. Sadly there are serious health impacts.

Did you know that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) treats Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning is the most common cause of death in fire victims.

These men and women have been exposed to the leading cause of death related to fire, smoke inhalation and CO poisoning. These victims of smoke inhalation suffer a mixture of injuries from airborne particles, burns to the throat and lungs and chemical poisoning. The combustion of plastics and synthetic materials produces a higly toxic mix of cyanide and CO, both, which bind to hemoglobin in red blood cells and block their capacity to carry oxygen to cells and tissues. This is particularly dangerous to the central nervous system.

Symptoms Include:

  • headaches
  • nausea and vomiting
  • dizziness and general malaise
  • altered mental status
  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • myocardial ischemia and cardiac arrest

Some 50–80% of fire deaths are the result of smoke inhalation injuries, including burns to the respiratory system. The hot smoke injures or kills by a combination of thermal damage, poisoning, pulmonary irritation and swelling, caused by carbon monoxide, cyanide and other combustion products.

The death rate of patients with both severe burns and smoke inhalation can be in excess of 50%.

Any person with apparent signs of smoke inhalation should be immediately evaluated by a medical professional such as a paramedic or physician. In severe cases Hyperbaric Oxygen is highly suggested. Advanced medical care may be necessary to save the life of the patient, including mechanical ventilation even if the person is conscious and alert. Pending advanced intervention, the patient should be brought into fresh air and given medical oxygen.

Carbon Monoxide, CO, is a colorless, odorless poison gas formed by incomplete combustion, first described by John Scott Haldan, the father of oxygen therapy, in 1908.

CO mainly effects the heart and brain. About 14% of surviving patients have permanent brain damage. Delayed neurological sequelae (problems resulting and persisting from the original injury) occur 3-21 days later and can also cause increased cardiovascular-related death over 10 years following injury.(1) In a published article of a clinical trial comparing cognitive function of patients treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT) vs. normobaric oxygen, (100% O2 via face mask or nasal cannula delivered at a “sea level” of normal pressure. (2)

Because hemoglobin likes CO nearly 220 times better than oxygen, and binds to it readily, the entire oxygen transport uptake and utilization system is disrupted. A direct cascade of injury to the central nervous system; the brain, as well as major blood vessel injury.
Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen HBOT:

  • HBOT is a primary treatment.
  • HBOT speeds carboxyhemoglobin dissociation (gets CO off the hemoglobin molecules) and improves tissue oxygenation.
The half-life of CO is removed from hemoglobin at 320 minutes on room air (5 hours and 20 minutes), 90 minutes on 100% O2 and 23 minutes at 3 ATA (in a hyperbaric O2 chamber).
  • Reduces cerebral edema and intracranial pressure by constricting brain vessels.
  • Reduces pulmonary edema caused by smoke inhalation
  • Inhibits the toxic process, speeds recovery, reduces the number of delayed functional and neurotic abnormalities and reduces mortality.
  • Improves the mitochondrial function.
  • Inhibits lipid peroxidation transiently.
  • Impairs leukocyte adhesion to injured microvasculature.
  • Inhibits neutrophil adhesion to the vasculature. (3)

Optimal benefit from HBOT occurs in those treated with he least delay after exposure (1)

Call us today for more information or to schedule a consultation with our Medical Hyperbaric Physician!415-785-8652
Jacqueline S Chan, DO
Physician, Medical DirectorDr Jacqueline S Chan, DO is Board Certified in Family Practice, Board Certified in Holistic medicine, Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, including Osteopathic Medical Board of California and a DEA License.
Here, Dr. Chan is standing beside the artwork of our dear and very talented patient, Susan Swartz, who continued to check on us amidst the fires to make sure our staff and facility were ok. – The love was greatly appreciated.Call for an appointment with Dr. Chan



Sammy Enos Update

January 17, 2017

Hi I just wanted to share some good news we had with Sammy. A few weeks back Sammy went in for an EEG test to measure for seizure activity. He had a horrific seizure at 13 months. We got the test results back and they were clear. Completely free of seizure activity!

This is a huge shift for this little guy . We just saw his neurologist and he even admitted he was surprised by the result. To our great surprise and relief , he said we now can ween Sam off the phenobarbital! Just amazing!

I am so beyond proud of this little guy. He continues to surprise us all. We have sought out therapies that will assist Sammy in reaching milestones but that also heal on a deep level. I feel like that is what we are starting to see in his test results and in just the beautiful little boy in front of us. We are so lucky and thankful for all your love and support!

Thank you so much for being a huge part of this deep and miraculous healing. We hope to see you soon. I am hoping we could do a summer session. Trying to figure out the money stuff now. Happy New Year! We miss EVERYONE at HBOT.

Red Nose Day 2016

March 19, 2016



Time For A Change!

Are you tired of seeing the Diabetic in your life suffer? In honor of National Diabetes month we would like to help you, help them.

Preventative medicine for diabetic patients is becoming more advanced everyday and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is at the forefront! 

What can HBOT do for you or your diabetic friends and family?:

  • It can significantly speed the healing of diabetic wounds and ulcers

  • HBOT has shown to reduce the need for insulin injections of many patients

  • HBOT empowers patients to avoid costly surgeries and amputations and save life and limb


“Diabetes is a great example whereby, giving the patient the tools, you can manage yourself very well.”

Clayton Christensen

What effect does HBOT have on a diabetic wound?


Robert is a school teacher who was able to return to work after 2 years of suffering with a non-healing wound. Now he is able to keep up with his 2nd grade class, garden and swim again without any difficulty.

Within two weeks of starting the treatments, the technicians at the wound care clinic noticed a significant improvement in the condition of the wound. They stated that they had never seen a wound change so quickly and were delighted. The end result of the sessions in the chamber can be seen in this photo. 

The proof is in the science!: 

Eighteen diabetic patients with ischaemic, nonhealing lower-extremity ulcers were recruited in this double-blind study. Patients were assigned randomly to receive either 100 per cent oxygen (treatment group) or air (control group), at 2.4 atmospheres of absolute pressure for 90 min daily, for a total of 30 treatments. Wound surface areas were measured at baseline and then at 2, 4, 6 and 12 weeks, and 6 months.At 12 weeks, healing with complete epithelialization was achieved in 13 of 19 ulcers in the treatment group compared with four of 14 ulcers in the control group (P=0.024, [chi]2 test). The mean(s.d.) decrease of the wound area in the treatment group was 83(36) per cent and that in the control group was 56(39) per cent (P=0.021, Mann-Whitney U test). Hyperbaric oxygen therapy enhanced the healing potential of ischaemic, non-healing, diabetic leg ulcers and may be used as a valuable adjunct to conventional therapy when reconstructive surgery is not possible. Abidia, A.; Kuhan, G.; Laden, G.; Bahia, H.; Johnson, B.; Wilkinson, A.; Renwick, P.; Masson, E.*; McCollum, P. T. Department of Vascular Surgery, Academic Surgical Unit and *Department of Medicine, Hull Royal Infirmary and The University of Hull, Hull, UK

Featured Video:


Maryann was confined to a wheelchair with a non-healing diabetic ulcer. She was facing amputation before she did HBOT. “My wound has healed magnificently . . . I’m out of my wheelchair, walking and driving again without anyone’s help!”
Maryann, Tiburon
“The role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in diabetes preventative care is in re-oxygenating hypoxic tissue, regulating blood sugar level and promoting growth of blood vessels and nerve endings.”

In the textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine we see that there is “noted improvement of cardiovascular complications in diabetic patients on using HBO therapy and later reported HBO as an adjunct to diet and insulin in the treatment of moderately severe diabetes in 130 patients. The dosage of insulin was reduced by 4-38 units in 62.3% of the patients after treatment.”

HBOT in the news:

Treat Chronic Wounds by seeking appropriate care


New Yelp Review!

November 12, 2015

5 Star review:



I am a 84 year old male being treated for osteoradionecrosis. My Kaiser Doctor referred me to AHR for a series of hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions ( the medical profession calls the sessions “dives”) in conjunction with massive doses of a powerful antibiotic. My sessions at AHR have truly been outstanding. The place is spotlessly clean and the entire staff is highly professional, friendly and accommodating to your needs and personal requests. Each chamber is very comfortable and commodious for a fellow who is 6’4″ in height and I never had any after or side effects following each session. I unequivocally highly recommend this facility for anyone requiring hyperbaric oxygen treatments. This clinic and its entire staff are really great!

-Willis A. from Healdsburg, CA


New Yelp Review!

November 1, 2015

New Yelp Review


I have been to this office several times over the last few years and have found it to be a calm, relaxing and inviting environment. It is always clean and well maintained. The staff of professionals are all friendly, very knowledgeable in their field and genuinely interested in every person that walks through the door. I can’t imagine a better environment for healing. I highly recommend this facility over all other hyperbaric facilities.

-Trevor B.






Dear (AHR Staff),

Thank you! We have loved everyday of HBOT! Thank you for working with us to make both Sam and I feel safe comfortable and welcome.

It has been a pleasure just to see you all everyday.

The treatments themselves have been wonderful as well. We noticed changes in Sammy very quickly. First in quality of sleep. Which was huge for us as a family. Then in new ways of communication. He started to communicate “yes” and “no” then he even started taking more and babbling more!!!

And then in movement. He now is moving forward, nearly crawling. He can go get any toy he wants! He also seems to enjoy moving so much more and wants to play for hours!!! When I think that all this change happened in just about 8 weeks, I can’t believe it! HBOT has improved the quality of our lives profoundly! And all of you have worked to make it one of the most fun and joyful experiences of our lives!

Thank you for helping us to heal. We are so grateful there are passionate and dedicated people, like yourselves, that truly want to help those in need. Thank you!!!


(AHR Patient & Family)


Note form our staff:

Sammy has a go fund me page located at this link, please lets all work together to help such an amazing and loving kid!! We also received a media release to be able to show you first hand the joy that Sammy and his family bring us. It has been amazing for our staff to watch yet another amazing little guy with cerebral palsy progress so much!

Sammy and Zac cerebral palsy


Thank you guys at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery for helping me heal the hole on my foot.

Keep up the work!

Thank you for everything,

(AHR Patient)

New Yelp Review!

September 2, 2015

People-Love-Us-on-Yelp HBOT


My daughter has been receiving Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) from Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery since last fall. The staff who provide the therapy and those who work in the office have all been awesome. They are extremely attentive to the needs of my daughter. She is suffering from the effects of multiple Concussions and the HBOT is actually healing her brain. She has seen marked improvement in her reading ability as well as thinking and problem solving skills, It has also worked to lessen her depression. An added bonus has been that it has also helped kill the last of a Lymes related infection since the bacteria do like the oxygen. We could not have asked for a more professional, competent and caring staff. They have turned her treatments into a true healing experience.
-David P.
Delta, CO