Opioid withdrawal is a painful process and for some can even turn into addiction. Many people go to rehab to completely recover from their withdrawal and addiction. Many times they are given an opioid as prescribed by a doctor to recover from surgery, such as codeine, morphine, or Vicoden. These are very serious drugs, but are sometimes needed in life or death situations or during the very painful healing process. Symptoms of withdrawal may depend on the drug itself, which include racing heart, anxiety, diarrhea, chills, high blood pressure, nausea and vomiting, increased body temperature, and/or muscle and bone pain. Please contact American Addiction Centers if you or a loved one is in pain from opioid withdrawal symptoms. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is used to relieve pain from situations like surgeries, post radiation effects, traumatic brain injuries, diabetic foot, and many more. Please see our list here FDA Approved Conditions for HBOT • Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery, Inc of FDA approved conditions that your insurance can cover if you choose HBOT. 

Drug rehab and recovery with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can ease the process and improve quality of life for so many patients. When oxygen is saturated within the body, it is able to naturally increase hyperoxia, or oxygen levels, in tissues. Increased oxygen reduces cerebral edema and makes the blood cells stronger, more  able to carry out their healing processes efficiently. Pain and inflammation is also reduced, since white blood cells are able to remove cell debris and toxins more efficiently, thus improving healing time. HBOT helps the patient detox, so there is less toxicity load on the body.

Many patients report pain reduction with HBOT. A trial was done on individuals who had terrible opioid withdrawal symptoms, and they tried HBOT to assist in tapering off the drug. According to the study, “Opioid withdrawal symptoms were reduced after Day 1 of HBOT by twice as much, on average, compared with the control condition. Satisfaction surveys found participants were generally satisfied with ease and comfort of the treatment.” The full study is here Hyperbaric Oxygen to Assist Adults With Opioid Use Disorder in Reducing Methadone Dose

Lynn D’s experience from Santa Rosa CA.  “I am a prominent Real Estate agent in Sonoma County, after my hip replacement I was in tremendous pain. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery in San Rafael, not only helped me heal so much faster than I did with my first hip replacement, but it also helped me get off the pain medications so that I could get back to work quicker. I felt my body detoxing off the anesthesia and opioids and felt that cloud LIFT so my cognitive function came back and I never looked back. Thank you Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery and your amazing team for all of your help and loving care! A True healing oasis.”

A patient of Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, Claudia G, noticed a significant decrease in pain and swelling after teeth removal surgery. She stated, “I went into the chamber after I had my wisdom tooth removed, it helped with the pain and swelling… After my treatment I definitely felt a difference in my face, the cheeks were not as swollen, and my pain was gone.” HBOT is extremely effective in reducing pain, making it a wonderful mode for recovery in many conditions, including pain from opioid withdrawal..

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery is located in San Rafael CA, contact us at 415-785-8652 for more information if you or a loved one is suffering painful opioid dependence and are struggling with withdrawal symptoms. Share this blog with your friends and family, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @AdvancedHBOT. Healing the body with oxygen from medical grade hyperbaric chambers is a painless, non-invasive, relaxing treatment with numerous benefits. 

Withdrawal symptoms can vary from each individual, and HBOT
reduces pain, inflammation, and toxicity load in the body.