Medical Grade Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) naturally:

According to a Case Study by Stephen Thom, MD, Ph.D., et al. at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, it is determined that a course of 20 hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments will mobilize and increase the number of circulating stem cells into human’s and animal’s bodies. (1)

Stem cells, called mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) exist in the bone marrow of humans and animals and are crucial to injury repair.
These MSCs are capable of changing their nature to become part of many different organs and tissues. In response to injury, these MSCs mobilize from the bone marrow to the injury site where they differentiate into cells that assist in that specific healing process.

In the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Study, Dr. Thom states, “this (HBOT) is the safest way clinically to increase stem cell circulation, far safer than any of the pharmaceutical options,” he further states “this study provides information on the fundamental mechanisms for hyperbaric oxygen and offers a new theoretical therapeutic option for mobilizing stem cells.” (2)

HBOT supports the body’s production and mobilization
of these very biologically versatile and potent stem cells.

Drugs used with stem cell injections can be associated with a host of side effects, whereas HBOT carries NONE of such side effects.

HBOT Improves Injected Stem Cell Viability

HBOT has also been used successfully in conjunction with stem cell injections to optimize the success rate of the procedure. HBOT helps to prepare the groundwork deep into injured tissues for a greater implantation effect of the stem cells . (3), (4)

Because of the Penn State study, patients who are at risk for osteoradionecrosis are referred to receive HBOT at facilities such as ours; Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery for prophylactic HBO treatments.


  • Anyone suffering injury from repetitive motion.
  • Car accident or any accident victim.
  • Sports injury.
  • Post cardiac, plastic or other surgeries or the prevention of surgeries.
  • Those with Traumatic Brain Injury and Neurological Conditions.

HBOT is used for :

  • Tissue O2 enhancement. (5)
  • New vascularization and new tissue formation. (6)
  • Anti inflammatory effect. (7)
  • Anti-apoptotic effect. Gene regulation; to include, build up information exchange to teach the host cell to correct itself as much as possible. (8)
  • Donor to host stem cell adhesion.(9), (10)

HBOT; Oxygen and Wound Healing Stimulate Stem Cell Success (11)

Patient Testimonial
Stem Cells to Avoid Knee Replacement

The Michael J Fox Foundation funded an recent research study (12) to engineer dopamine neurons, which degenerate and die in Parkinson’s disease, from skin and blood stem cells. Researchers are attempting to use these neuronal stem cells to replace what is lost in Parkinson’s and restore motor function. (13)

For Fun; A great example of Stem Cell success is seen in our little reptiles; salamanders are billionaires when it comes to their stem cell bank account.
Unlike humans, salamanders regenerate their entire limbs when they get damaged or cut off.