Ovarian cancer patients need to know about HBOT! According to the CDC, ovarian cancer is the second most common gynecological cancer. It is vital for patients to begin treatment as soon as possible, so knowing the symptoms is crucial. A few of these symptoms include abdominal swelling, quickly feeling full, weight loss, fatigue and back pain. Women need to check with their doctor regularly and discuss any potential symptoms. Once diagnosed, any and all options must be considered, including oxygen therapy from Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC.

People think that cancer cells thrive on oxygen, and therefore oxygen therapy would not benefit the patient. But, low oxygen in cells may be a cause for cancer growth. “Low oxygen levels in a cell interrupt the activity of oxidative phosphorylation, a term for the highly efficient way that cells normally use to convert food to energy,” according to sciencedaily.com. Hypoxia, which is low oxygen levels, is present in many cancer cells, including ovarian cancers. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is covered by most insurance, but it is not considered a cancer treatment; HBOT can work in conjunction with most cancer treatments and benefit a large number of people with post radiation effects.

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC wants people to understand what HBOT can do for ovarian cancer patients. If you or a loved one suffers from post radiation cystitis, vaginitis, and proctitis with hematuria, HBOT can significantly heal these issues. We will work with your medical team as part of your recovery process, giving your cells 100% oxygen which they need. HBOT is a relaxing experience, and many patients experience faster recovery using the 100% medical grade chambers at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC.

The most recent research indicates that patients responded favorably to HBOT and with little to no side effects. Some of these side effects include eye and ear problems, but they resolve themselves soon after treatment is ended.

Glenda Sales, a patient at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery INC, took the time to investigate with her doctors what HBOT could do. “…I did my own research but I did bring it to my doctors and they were all in agreement that what I needed was a hard chamber in order to facilitate enough pressure and oxygen to reach my areas that needed to be treated. Do your research and get affiliated with somebody like Advance Hyperbaric Recovery because they have the highest chambers that are available right now on the market and because they are solid they can put you at a pressure and a type of oxygen that will penetrate this is very important because this is where the actual healing happens.” She wanted to get back to her life, and HBOT made recovery possible. Toward the end of her treatments, she was able to sit and walk comfortably! Glenda was able to live a full life after the complications from radiation. Once you see how affective HBOT can be, see if it will work for you and your symptoms. Call or email us today and we can schedule a consultation.

Low oxygen, or hypoxia, can lead to cancer growth. HBOT improves conditions by saturating the
body with oxygen.