• 1118 Irwin St. at Mission, San Rafael.
  • One minute North of our previous location.
  • One block East of Hwy 101. Central San Rafael Exit.
  • Easy-off and Easy-on.

We are a Recognized and Certified
Bay Area Green Business!
Our New Location
has even MORE
Eco-Friendly Health features
To protect your health and Well Being:

  • No VOC Paint.
  • New Energy Efficient Windows.
  • Green Guard Gold Certified Flooring.
  • All new Energy Efficient utilities with Antimicrobial HVAC Ducting
  • No VAC furniture
  • All new Fire Sprinkler Suppression System.
  • Digital capabilities to reduce our paper footprint.
  • Hardwired computer outlets to reduce our Wireless needs.
  • EMF’s evaluated and reduced in every possible way.

Call to action: Help us move to our “Forever Home” and be part of this momentous day!
Call Denora now to volunteer: 415-785-8652.


A. 12:00pm -starting at 900 Larkspur Landing Circle, Suite #115. then setting up at our new location from 5:00 pm onward.

B. We’ve hired a moving company “Sweet Lemon” for the heavy lifting but are looking for willing hands and hearts to help make this a quick transition. We hope to move and set up in ONE day.

We will make teams of different crews for different tasks like:
1. Chambers Crew: Tape off & protect all hoses then oversee installation at our new facility.
2. Electronics Crew: Remove and keep all electronics combined with their cords. Pull security cables and cameras then put back together at the new facility.
4. Wall Art, Certs & Signage Crew: Remove everything off the walls then put it back up at our new facility.
5. Cabinets Crew: Remove cabinets keeping screws taped with their right doors. Re-install at our new facility.
6. Deconstruction Crew: Remove business specific piping and fixtures.
7. Hospitality Crew: Last but never least! To feed, water and cheer on the other crews!
8. The Unpack Crew: For anything else the MOVERS unload from the truck, for us to receive and put away.

Willing hands are blessed- Anyone participating in helping with the move and set up will be given $50.00 per hour of active work to go toward their own future Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy! A win-win!!

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery is a physician-referred outpatient rehabilitation facility that specializes in treating patients that have lingering or persistent health problems. They also treat those with sub-clinical illnesses who do not need hospitalization but are simply too ill to allow for a true Quality of Life.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved treatment for, and when prescribed by a Physician most insurance companies reimburse for the following 13 indications:

Most insurance companies reimburse these indications when prescribed by a Physician.
There are also Investigational Conditions (not approved FDA approved for Insurance Reimbursement)

Our Newly designed award winning facility is conveniently located 13 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge near beautiful San Francisco. We would love for you to come for a tour.

Our HBOT is given in a hard steel medical grade device called a Hyperbaric chamber.
We charge a fraction of the cost, using the same style chambers as a hospital-based Hyperbaric unit. Our Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) uses 100% medical grade oxygen in hard steel chambers to pressurize our patients at greater than atmospheric pressure. HBOT is designed to increase the supply of oxygen and reverse hypoxia to areas in the body that are not responding to other treatments.(1)

If YOU or anyone in your family or anyone in your community might be a candidate,
whose quality of life may be greatly improved with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy,
Please consider this remarkable medicine today.
Call us today for more information or to schedule a consultation with our Medical Hyperbaric Physician.
And remember to come see us in our new office WooHoo!!
1118 Irwin Street, San Rafael (at Mission)

Advanced Hyperbaric Medical Director, Jacqueline S. Chan, DO
Hyperbaric Physician is Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Family Practice

Our 501c3 Charitable and Educational Non-Profit, saving life and limb, and alleviating suffering for the indigent and special needs friends in our own community. Donate to save lives, one-patient-at-a-time. Get your tax write off today!
Help us alleviate suffering, save or change a life, and especially
improve quality of life for our local Bay Area Neighbors!
Please Donate now.